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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Snow Shovel & Emails

Herro Jammers! Today's new item is non-member!
A snow shovel! That's so fun and cool! (Pardon the pun, haha.) I love the fact that it's non-member, too! Though, shoveling in the real snow is definitely not that fun. But I guess shoveling in Jamaa could be. :3

Moving on, I got wonderful feedback in an email from my friends today:
That was so nice of them! I'm glad to be friends with such great buddies! (And since Nekoboyisback got a shout-out, I'll be giving one to Goku! I completely forgot to give Goku one, but he deserves one!) 
Gokurocks100 is a funny guy to hang out with! He's really sweet and he always means the best for everyone. I love talking to him and sharing some nice laughs. He's very complimentary about other jammers, though I wish he would see how amazing he is! ;)

Also, on another note...

I sent an email to AJHQ requesting a username change. They haven't replied yet, but be prepared for me to have a different username than before. (I cannot say what my username will be, since it's not certain for certain...) ^.^

See you around Jamaa!


  1. Replies
    1. Yep, it takes a while, since Animal Jam has to verify everything, just in case a hacker decided to change a username of the account. >.<

    2. Oh, yeah... I geuss I overlooked that.


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