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Monday, December 23, 2013

Bow & Rare Hood w/ Feather

Herro Jammers! Today's 'new' Jamaaliday gift is:
Okay, not really new stuff, sorry about that! I wish AJ would come up with newer stuff. Le sigh. And can you believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve already? That went by awfully fast. I'm pretty sure that this year, Christmas will be extra lovely. ^.^

Moving on, today's new Rare Item Monday is:
How...odd. And pricey! Dear Mira, 2,000 gems? The item is okay, but I don't really like the colors. I guess they could sort of look Christmasy.

Even if the RIM for today is a Rare Hood with a Feather, why does AJ say something a little different?
A Rare Hat and Beard? I mean, that sounds lovely and wonderful, but we didn't get a Rare Hat and Beard...I thought it was a Rare Hood with a Feather. Haha! Cookies do sound delicious, though. XD

I'm sorry, I have no Jammer Shout-Out for today. I might not be able to post tomorrow, since I'm traveling and all that lovely stuff. (On Christmas Eve! Yay.) Anywhoozies, it'll be lots of fun. ^.^

See you soon!


  1. Once, when I was playing AJ, the rare freedom glove was 3,000 gems! I should have bought more. I wonder what the most expensive RIM was...

  2. I think that these bows are going to turn rare


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