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Friday, December 13, 2013

Giant Snow Globe & Earmuffs

Hello Jammers! Today the Jamaaliday gift is:
This is so adorably cute! It doesn't really match that well with my den, but oh well. x3
It's still pretty, plus all the snow falls nicely around all the animals. Very cute and creative, AJ! Hehe, these new Jamaaliday items are so fun! *Happy dance*

Also, since I missed out on posting for a couple of days, here are all of of the other new Jamaaliday items that came around!
Fun! This item is super pretty, and a great way to 'jollify' your den! Haha. XD
For some reason, this gingerbread tree looks sort of yummy to me. Cookies are absolutely delicious. Yes, yes they are. The wonderful smells of cookies are always a great part of this season. What are your favorite parts of the holidays? :3
And these new earmuffs, of course! Cute, but it's a shame that they're member. DX

Also, as promised, there are two Jammer Shout-Outs for this post!
FluffyStuff13 is such a wonderful and friendly buddy. I love hanging out with her; she's just so nice! She is definitely a 'keeper-buddy,' she's fun and just epicly awesome. x3
BubblegumBee is a very kind and friendly jammer, and she is very talented! She has a Youtube channel, and she makes great channel art and does wonderfully at editing videos. She is also a great buddy to hang out with! :)

That's about it for today, jammers! See you soon. ^.^

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