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Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Update: Deer and Gift Shop!

Hullo my little comets! (Does that sound like a good name to call you guys?) Thanks to another rare occurrence, I get to post on a school day again! *Happy dance!* As we all know, today is update day! First off, there is a 400 gem amount for the Jamaalidays:

Next, the deer are here! (Haha, it rhymes), and our monthly friend, the Jamaa Journal, is back!

You wouldn't believe how much I freaked out when I saw the world "all," I seriously thought that the deer could be for non-members, too. And they look so adorable! Eep. I wish that AJ had at least given non-members the deer, too, but oh well. The good news? They're not in the diamond shop! We all love gem-buyable stuff, don't we? ;3


Hmm, not really that interesting. Gingerbread house dens and pet reindeer! Those are cute. In my personal opinion, I think that the pet reindeer are probably one of the cutest pets out of all of them. (And the hummingbirds, who could dislike a hummingbird?) XD

And moving on to the next page:

I wonder why AJ decided to make a Jamaaliday Gift Shop. The items aren't really that popular, and usually I can trade pretty small items for them. Oh well, I guess it's just another way to rack up points with diamonds. Sigh.

Oh, and that wreath-like decoration for the Jamaaliday Jam would be an epic den item!

Um, I'm just skipping that membership ice-armor advertisement. Next up is Greely's Inferno and a DEER EXHIBIT in the Conservation Museum! Sounds like ultimate fun! Plus, Greely's Inferno sounds pretty dark and mysterious. And if it's going to be the biggest adventure, well, wowza cowza! I don't think Greely's a bad person per-say, so I wonder what he's going to do with this inferno. Perhaps he'll help the jammers. Or not. Depends. x3

Haha, AJ. I see what you did there. Very punny!

Ah, and for the whole 'Jamaaliday items returning' here is what it looks like in the Diamond Shop:

Yep, those definitely look familiar from last year. ;D

And...the new item is the Jolly Elf Hat! Poor hat, it must be sad, it's probably getting neglected from all the new rush of activity and updates. Good thing I checked the shop today, I almost forgot. *Pat pat*

Also, I was walking around when I saw this message from AJ:

I wonder what the short update is. Hopefully AJHQ changed their mind and decided to make the deer non-member? Haha. We may only hope. It would be awesome, though.

Speaking of awesome, my next jammer shout-out goes to:

RockyTop2 is really sweet and kind. She is modest and very understanding to her friends, and she always helps other jammers in need. (She helped me figure out how to organize the labels of this blog, and thanks to her, I can actually navigate around here!) I applaud her funny and enthusiastic posts in her blog, too. You should visit it here.

That's about it, jammers! I'm so sorry for this long post. This might clog up my blog a bit. (Dear Mira, what is up with my rhyming today? Hahahaha.) XD

See you around!

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