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Saturday, December 21, 2013

New Updates: Greely's Inferno & More!

'Ello Jammers! Prepare yourself for a very long post, since I've missed so many countless days. (I'm terribly sorry about that, please do forgive me.)

Anyways, today the Jamaaliday gift is the 21st present, a sparkly one:
Yes! I knew it I knew it I knew it! The 21st present and the 8th present were both sparkly, and they both had diamonds in them! Haha! *Happy dance*

Also, there were lots of ol' returning items for the previous Jamaaliday gifts a few days earlier that I didn't have time to post about, so sorry:
For Decorative Bow, photo credit goes to RockyTop2 at Animal Jam Roar!
Definitely not that interesting, unfortunately. Just returning items once again. x3

Also, we have a lot of new items in stores:
I absolutely adore that Jamaaliday bow! Definitely one of my favorite Christmas season items. It helps me make my favorite outfit:
Yep, it just looks absolutely adorable! c:

Anyways, today's new item is:
Photo credit goes to Kinyonga at Animal Jam Times!
Isn't that adorable. Not really. But, then again, if I were a gingerbread man and I was going to get eaten, I would probably make that face, too.

And, moving on to the cooler stuff... Greely's Inferno and the new updates!
Okay, that cover looks SUPER cool. I can't wait until I get my animal up to Level 4 so that I can play the adventure. (I don't do adventures that often, so that's why I have only one Level 1 animal.) XD
Oh my gosh, COSMO'S DEN! It looks so wonderful!
(I went to RockyTop2's den in order to take this picture.) Hopefully I can earn enough diamonds so that I can buy one of them!

And here's what the den looks like at the Diamond Shop:
The joy of such a green den. ^.^

Hm, moving on, I managed to get into the Jamaaliday party and get a screenshot of the new items there!
Yay! New items that look lovely! I love the rug, and plus, it's non-member. Adorable-ness. :D

So, the next page to the Jamaa Journal was:
Cool, lots of new treetop garden stuff. That's nice!

And, the next (interesting) page:
Wow, I can't believe that this year of 2013 is already coming to a close. That went by awfully fast. 2013 was a fun year, I must admit, but I hope that 2014 will be even more fun! c:

And, last but not least, my two Jammer Shout-Outs go to:
Vms915 has an amazing blog and is super kind and sweet! Her blog, The Animal Jam Nox, is epic! She posts graphics free for everyone to use, and her editing is superb. I am definitely happy to have her as a follower. ^.^

My next shout-out goes to:
I just met TheGeneralNyan yesterday, and she is definitely a cool cat! I loved conversing with her, and I feel honored to be her buddy. And the funny thing was, she thanked me for buddying her, when I felt honored to buddy! Such nice people these days. :)

Okay, that's it for this (uber-duber) long post, jammers! Happy Holidays.

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