Shiny Grey Star

Friday, December 27, 2013


Drifting, drifting,
softly tilting,
the world outside is never willing.
I never hear the
calls of morning,
or trees that bloom with
love adoring. 

Slowly, slowly,
I will fade, 
forgotten things can never stay.
I long to roam the skies again,
but I know that I will never win.
Wishing is all I ever do,
I ask of this, I ask of you. 

Please remember
every word, every thought,
remember your mother
who loves you with all of her heart.

Cold, cold,
I'm falling deep,
it's time for me to go to sleep. 


*Note: Mira is forgotten. A lot. This is a poem about her feelings and how she feels about us. She loves us, but not many jammers remember to think about her. And no, she doesn't pass at the end, she is only entering into a deep slumber.*

'Forgotten things can never stay.'

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