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Thursday, December 19, 2013


Herro, my little comets. I have a bit of a predicament. See this person?
They have a very similar username to me. That's okay, (he changed it about a month ago), and he acknowledged in a video that he knew that there already was a 'CometCatcher109.' However, I got a jam-a-gram from someone that said, "I know CometCatcher you fake."

That really hurt me.

He said in a video himself that he didn't know about me and he didn't mean any hard feelings:

Anyways, I feel pretty hurt that someone would say that to me. I came up with my user all by myself. I'd always been fascinated with comets and astronomy ever since I was really young, and I'd even wanted to be an astronomer when I grew up! And then I thought, "It would be awesome to catch a comet!" Then, it just appeared. (Of course, I envisioned it all with sparks and catching it with a net and all.) And my favorite numbers are 10 and 9, so I thought the numbers 1-0-9 smoothed together perfectly, so I just went with that. CometCatcher109. I still love that username to this day.

So, if you see us both around, none of us are fakes, and none are copy-cats. I just want to get the message across that I thought of my username, and it's what defines me.

Okay, see y'allz later! That's about it, I'll post an update post soon. (Maybe tomorrow, I might not be able to fit it in today.) x3


  1. I'm sorry about that person! :(

    Some people just aren't very nice. .-.

    1. That's fine! I forgot the person who sent the jam-a-gram, but their username started with a 'd' or something. Anywhoozies, thank you for your help. :]

  2. :( People are so rude

    1. They can be, but sometimes it's just misunderstandings between one another as well. :)


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