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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Holiday Sweaters & Wreaths

Hullo Jammers! Today the new Jamaaliday gift is:
Oh my gosh, AJ! This sweater is absolutely adorable. And the little curl at the end of the yarn is cute, too. (Though I think AJHQ needs to improve a bit on their knitting skills, haha.) But, seriously, I love this sweater to pieces! (Punny, punny.) They look amazing on penguins:
Very cute. I am enjoying these Jamaaliday gifts immensely, and the new clothing items are spectacular. *Happy dance* (In case you're wondering, my happy dance looks a lot like a wolf dancing on Animal Jam...dorky and awkward. Haha!) XD

Hm, speaking of Jamaaliday presents, I've noticed something *sparkly* about certain ones:
Why is it that the 8th present and the 21st present are both so sparkly? It's as if they're a special present or something. (By the way, the 8th present will be tomorrow! I can't wait.) Excitement, excitement! (If it's gems, though, Comet will be unhappy.) ^.^
Also, I just wanted to add that I got a Howl Plaque from AJHQ a while ago! It's pretty sweet, and I still have it in my inventory. If you need some advice on how to get your howl featured, here's mine: Write out at least 20 different howls that have an exclamation point, (!) and cross your fingers. x3

Sometimes, AJ picks your howl way later than expected. I had completely forgotten that I'd submitted a howl once I got the plaque! (Or I'm just forgetful.) Haha!

Oh, and the new item for today is:
Yay, wreaths! I think they can look cute at times, but only sometimes. Only sometimes. :)

Moving on to another item, I noticed something different about the clover blankets today:
They're different looking, aren't they? I think it's the angle or something, but it just looks different to me. (And if it's not any different for you, then please help me. Please.) It just seems that they appear enlarged and...better-looking.

And...drumroll please, my next Jammer Shout-Out goes to:
Snowyclaw! We all know why snowyclaw gets this shout-out, right? She's sweet, kind, and altogether an amazing jammer! Plus, she cares a lot about our Jamaasian culture and her blog is just awesome. So, go on and visit it here.

That's about it, my little comets! Have a wonderful day. :)


  1. How do you get the red 'glitched' holiday sweater, i tried on a couple accounts, and only got the normal colors, If anyone has it on trade ill be willing to trade some den betas.

    1. I have it but it worth like, glitch ring or spike or whatever. I got it from The Forgotten Deseret, but it like 1st good itemn i've ever gotten on that adventure and it is prob a slim chance u will get 1, sorry..

    2. w8 what kind of spike?


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