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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Deer Fur

Hullo Jammers! Today the new item in stores is:
Deer Fur! How...WEIRD. It only ever looks okay on deer, but that's about it. It still looks like this random fluff of fur underneath your chin, honestly. So odd. XD
I have a beard! Wootwoot! .3.

Also, I got a really kind message from a good friend of mine today:
It was from Herb5555, and it was so kind of her! We were chatting today and it was very fun talking with her. (She was originally SparklingIcyTwilight, and we've been buddies for a long time.) :)

So, that is, in a way, another Jammer Shout-Out!

Woohoo! An amazing and kind buddy. Please subscribe her at her youtube, Herb5555aj. :)

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