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Monday, December 30, 2013

Rare Butterfly Wings & Hackers

'Ello my little comets! The Rare Item Monday for today is:
Rare Butterfly Wings! That's pretty cool looking, but do you know the best part? They're non-member! Hurhur. I also like the colors, they go well with a lot of my animals. Cool colors are cool, y'know? :3

Anyways, I have some news about the hackers/hacks that are going around:
This person is probably another account of 'fman122.' And they're referring to the 'box' as the mailbox, which means that when you open their jam-a-gram, you'll apparently get hacked. I got a message from a different, fishy-looking person just as I saw the user:
A message from 'Hackman122.' This stuff is scary, guys. I deleted the message, but if you ever get anything (at a random time) from a user containing the numbers '122,' or just from a user that doesn't sound right...DON'T OPEN IT.

I don't know if this virus stuff is real or not, but it's better to be safe than sorry. These hacks that are going around are frightening, I understand. But you can't let this hacker get to you. I think he wants to scare everyone, and he's doing it perfectly. We don't want to be scared. We have to rise up against him, because what he's doing is wrong!

Send emails to AJ, do whatever you can. They're probably aware of it, but they should be able to do something...

Anyways, that's about it for today, Jammers! Stay safe!


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