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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gems & Reindeer Mask

'Ello my little comets! Today the Jamaaliday gift is:
Really, 700 gems? How boring. Well, at least I can walk around with 700 gems in my pocket. That's sort of cool. ^.^

And the new item for today is:
Reindeer masks! I was never a huge fan of these, but oh well, they're cheap. (Too bad that they're member again. Poor non-members.)

Also, I was walking around Jamaa Township when I saw this movement:
That's so awesome that they're wearing yellow to stop scamming! It will never go away, of course, but movements like these help spread the word to stop! And look at all of the people who are in yellow, that's a lot of people who want to stop scamming. :)
And, finally, my Jammer Shout-Out goes to xXFaceYourFearsXx! She is a great friend, and she's a super cool buddy. She left Animal Jam for a little while, unfortunately, but now she's back, and it's great to see her around again! c:

That's about it for today, jammers. Keep calm and jam on!


  1. Yeah, I like movements like that. And you're right, it will never COMPLETELY go away. But spreading the word is good. :)

    1. Oh, could you tell me what gadget or thing you used for the snowflakes falling down on your blog? All the ones I try never seem to work..

    2. Of course, it's an HTML code that can be found on this website:

      Hope it works!

      Oh, and thank you for commenting! *Happy dance* ^D^

    3. Thanks so much! And of course. ^3^


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