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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas & Gems!

Hullo my little comets! CHRISTMAS IS HERE! Merry Christmas, (or Happy Holidays, whichever you prefer) to you all! I hope that you had a wonderful morning opening up presents, I presume? It was definitely very fun. :)

Anyways, the Jamaaliday item for today is:
What a shame. I was expecting something...different, but 1,000 gems are a lot, I guess. Thanks for the gift, AJ! XD

And the new item in stores is:
A Giant Candy Cane. Hm, quite interesting. I think it's funny when you put it in your den, it just randomly pops out of random places. Cute and non-member, so that's a plus!

Ah, and I was walking around Jamaa when I saw someone with all of the deer plushies:
Wow, that is quite the collection. The plushies are awfully cute, though. They'd be a nice Christmas present for a buddy of yours, eh?

Speaking of which, my next and final Jammer Shout-Out goes to:
(I was on my storage account when I took this picture, javanon00 is actually my buddy). Javanon00 is a really nice jammer, and she's a fair trader! I love hanging out with her and her friendly personality. She is another good buddy to have. ^.^

Unfortunately, this might be my last Jammer Shout-Out. As promised, every time I would post during the Jamaalidays, I would do a Jammer Shout-Out. And...well, this is the last day. However, I still might do Jammer Shout-Outs occasionally, if someone stands out to me. c:

Have a wonderful and merry Christmas, jammers!

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  1. Those deer plushies are so cute! I wonder what the accesorized ones look like.


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