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Monday, December 9, 2013

Jamaaliday Rare Top Hat!

Hello Jammers! Today the Jamaaliday gift is:
So cute! I'm really loving all of these new items, AJ. (And plus, they're for non-members!) And, speaking of non-member, I have some pretty good news!
I'm member again! I know I said that the likely-hood of me getting a membership was very slim, but I managed to get membership for 6 months, which is pretty sweet. I never realized how limited being a non-member is, which makes me want to fight for their rights even more. :3

Also, the new item for today is:
That is a really cool, stripy item. It reminds me a lot of a candy cane for some reason. Sweet! Haha, punny puns. I should seriously be the queen of puns, that's how punny my puns are. XD

I'm so sorry, but since I'm running on limited time, (and I usually don't post on weekdays, but today I managed to cram it in), I can't do a shout-out. I'm so sorry! I'll make a deal, though, the next time I post, I'll put in two jammer shout-outs! (I know I probably can't post tomorrow, but sometime soon!)

That's about it, my little comets! Happy jamming!


  1. My family really hates Animal Jam. I am lucky to have membership for 3 months out of my allowance. I am scared to ask them if I can renew it...

    1. Oh my gosh, my parents are exactly the same! They think it's a complete waste of time, plus they hate my 'slight' obsession with it. I admit, I wish I wasn't so addicted to Animal Jam; it's just a really good game. XD

      Sometimes I shop at WalMart or Target and I see a random Animal Jam card, and I get this instinct to ask my parents if I can buy the membership card (with my own money) but then I decide not to... :P


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