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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Candy Cane Tie & Paw!

'Ello my little comets! Today is CHRISTMAS EVE! Isn't that exciting? Are you guys going to bake cookies or something? (If you are, please feel free to send me a couple, that would be absolutely delicious.)

Anyways, today is the extra tall and fancy present with its spiffy little-looking bow on its head:
I wonder what it may be? Well, fear no more! It is:
A Candy Cane Tie! It's cute, isn't it? And the funny thing is that the tie sort of looks like the size of the present! I wonder if that has anything to do with the ultimate Christmas present tomorrow. :3

I sort of made a nice Christmas outfit for it. ^.^
It's an odd and wacky combination, that's for sure, (especially those high heels! How odd.) I still think it's a little funny to look at it, though. What outfits have you guys made for Christmas? x3

Hm, speaking of odd, I saw something odd in my den the other day! After I'd traded my blue vines, I went to my den...and they still appeared there! Then, I clicked my other blue vines flooring that I had, and it appeared to be like this:
The floor misplaced itself! Weird. XD

And the new item for today is:
A Paw Candy. Hm, not really that interesting. At least it's non-member! (And the main color is a nice candy color, too.)

Finally, my next Jammer Shout-Out goes to:
Nekoboyisback is an awesome buddy! (He was originally nekoboy). He's really fun to hang out with, and he always cracks awesome jokes. I like his witty sense of humor, and he's very nice. He's definitely a great person to have around. The nice buddies that I have, eh? ^.^

Anyways, that's about it, Jammers! Merry Christmas Eve!

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