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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Herro Jammers! Today the new item is:
A Snowman! Aww, it's so cute. It looks so happy, too, and it doesn't really stand out terribly, but it still looks nice. I wish we had those kind of hats that the snowman is wearing. I would totally buy one, and then I'd make myself look like a dorky fox in doing so! :3

Anyways, moving on, I noticed an odd glitch when I was buying an animal today:
See this? It looks normal, right? Well, I scrolled down and saw something odd:
Uh, why is the bunny in the exact same place as before? It was weird because I could see it in the's hard to explain. And there's a shadow of where the scrollbar was before, like the frames are glitching with each other or something. XD

Weird. :3

I think that's about it today, sorry for the annoying boringness of it all,


  1. That glitch is weird. Hmm... Oh, one more thing. WAFFLES RULE THE WORLD. End of story =P

    Look at This
    <( . . )>
    Oh yeah! YODA. Wait.
    <( . . )> [=]
    YODA EATING A WAFFLE. My failed attempt of making a waffle XD
    P.S. Yoda doesn't like pancakes because of me. Mwa ha ha!!! o <------ That is a pancake.

    1. Oh, but why? Pancakes are just ever so much better! And you can make a big pancake, too! O

      Haha, your comment is hilarious! XD

  2. Waffles are light and crunchy and yummy and awesome. No questions asked.

    1. But pancakes are soft, sweet, fluffy, and floppy. And they can be made into cool shapes, like a Mickey Mouse :3


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