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Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Icy Items!

Herro Jammers! I'm sorry I was basically gone for the whole week, it's been terribly busy for me. Thankfully, it'll probably calm down again, but you never know...if I randomly disappear on you again, it's probably because I'm busy. The new items that I missed were:
Icy items! And lots of 'em. I really like the table and the chair combination, they look very nice in the snow fort dens! ^.^

Also, since I'm the boringest person alive on the planet right now, here is a post from the Daily Explorer about the Trading System and how all of that goes:
True, the Trading System is great...but its also super addictive. It's just this whole addictive thing on rares, and sometimes, you can just waste hours of your free time by just randomly trading other people. It can also get frustrating, too, but I'll go more into depth on that for my next 'Words w/ Comet' article. It'll be coming soon; it's going to be about rares and trading and all the good stuff! :3

Ah, and there is one more thing that I must add. Please watch this video:

This copying has gone out of hand. I'm buddies with EpicMickey2thePowerofTwo, and I'm not sure if these people are meaning to copy, but please don't! It's not fun, and you know that I've at least had partial experiences with it. I can't believe this copying, it's pushing everyone over the edge.

Please, if you don't mean to copy, at least let that person know! If they're understanding, then they'll be fine with it. Sometimes you need to work things out with the other person, too. But please, please, PLEASE don't copy someone's user or their work that they thought of in a unique manner. It's unfair and wrong.

That's probably all I have to say, sorry for my ranting. XD


  1. I like the ice items, but I wish they would at least make one of them non-member. And don't copy, please! I agree.

    1. That's true, I definitely get what you're going at! It's unfair that there are so many member items in AJ. DX


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