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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

For Kinyonga...

Dear Kinyonga,

I know that I don't know you that well...but I admire you. Deeply. I respect you. You did things that I'd never even thought about! You loved all animals big and small, and you loved all jammers, member or not. I'll never, EVER forget what you did and how you changed me. You had a different blog than others, you didn't just do a random blurb about the item and all had real posts, real ideas, real thoughts.

Even if you're leaving, you'll never be forgotten, I promise you that. And I will never unbuddy you. Ever. You've changed me, and I'm pretty sure that you've changed lots of other people, too.

Before you quit, please reconsider. I understand, truly, I do. Animal Jam can be quite a pretty bad place. But it also can be a good place, and I admire how you've worked to show how good of a place it can be.

We love you, Kinyonga. Chameleons. <3
~EtherealComet and all of the other jammers in the world.


  1. Kinyonga, you are awesome. You deserved that post.

  2. Forever and Ever Kinyonga <3
    P.S. I hoped she liked waffles =D

  3. I can't even... I can't even put into words how much I agree with you, Etherealcomet. :)

    1. @All: Thank you. And Kinyonga's so awesome that she probably likes both waffles and pancakes. :)

  4. :')
    Seriously, I almost cried just then :')
    Thank you so much, everyone! <3

    P.S I do like both waffles and pancakes :p

  5. That was such a touching post. ;)

    1. I know... and every word was 110 percent true. :)

    2. "Only the truth may I ever speak," ;)

  6. Read the post on The Animal Jam Whip about people quitting. Edwingrim2, you were quitting right?
    P.S. I made my typed in the URL thingy so if you click on my username it takes you to the blog. I hope.


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