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Monday, January 6, 2014

Rare Spartan Helmet & Pixels

Haillo Jammers! I am so terribly sorry for the late post, but I was spending a couple of hours adjusting the blog up a bit, (and adding the lovely Fur Elise music to the background, if you don't like it, feel free to scroll down and pause it.) c:

Anyways, I like polka-dots, so I made polka dots...everywhere! I'm still not sure what I think about the banner, so I might change that a lot until I come up with something that I like. XD

Let's move onwards! The Rare Item Monday is:
Meh. Not really that interesting or cool, and the price is kind of a lot. I think it would be awesome if Animal Jam came up with NEW Rare Item Mondays every day! For example, they could make a Zios Mask or a Mira Helmet or something. That would be so awesome. XD

I'm sorry I can't stay for long, so I don't really have that much to say, however...

See this item?
It's wanted. By many. Now, let's say that I went on Photoshop and just zoomed in on the photo a bit. Now here's what it looks like:
Yeah, it still looks fine, right? It's just a little bit weird-looking. Now let's zoom in even closer:
Whoa, it's gotten pretty big. I can't even take a screenshot of the whole thing. Now how about even CLOSER, eh?
What is that? I can't even identify what that is anymore. It just looks like a mass of pixels. Oh, wait, that's what it is! Exactly. Pixels.

And look! I drew a face on it!
I drew it with the pencil tool, which was 1 px by 1 px. And guess what? I could keep on deleting the rest of the spike, or I could make it pink. I could manipulate it however I'd want it to, because it's just a bunch of pixels.

Now, I understand if some of you like the way pixels look, or appreciate the looks on your animals. (That's how I feel.) But it's more of a designing thing, right? It's not a life-or-death thing, nor does it determine anything. I appreciate Animal Jam and the designs, and I like how things look. But if Animal Jam didn't exist one day, I'd be okay. I could like...draw my own pixel-themed stuff about Animal Jam or something! XD

Yes, I know why Animal Jam is fun. Trading (can be) fun, and it's fun to be proud of the items that you've earned. But please remember that it's pixels. I'm proud of my pixels, too, but I'd always choose my friends. And no, it's not like 'I would choose my friends by sending all of my rares to them.' If you send your rares to a friend, it doesn't really show how much you value them, since rares aren't as important as you think they are. It's hard to explain, but there are different ways to show a friend how much you care about them.

Maybe I'll touch up on this for the next Words w/ Comet when I have time. :3


  1. Animal Jam also fun because you can make friends.

    1. I agree! Sadly that feature is always over-looked. DX

  2. This post just made this blog (if it wasn't already) one of my favorite blogs. And I mean it.

    1. Thank you so much! Your comment really made my day. c:

  3. Wow what a nice post. I agree


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