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Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Updates & Glitches!

Hello my little comets! Sorry for the extreme lack of inactivity again, the good news? I'll probably start posting a little bit more daily soon...ish. Anyways, we've stumbled across yet another interesting update, which I can't wait to start typing about!

First off, the Denstravaganza:
Hmm, that's pretty interesting. I'll probably buy a Cosmo Den now, since it's only half gems! Thank you for the sale, AJ. By 'Denstravaganza,' I think Animal Jam actually means: "Dens, dens, dens everywhere!" Haha. x3

Moving on to the next page:
Since I don't really play the Adventures that often, (I only have about one animal that has even 1 level), this page doesn't really apply to me. The icon looks a little cute, though. Sometimes I think phantoms actually sort of cute, even if they're supposed to be our enemies. :3

Here's also some more interesting things:
Hmm, birds and birds galore.

Anyways, let's move on to the interesting news: The new animal. As I was reading this, I thought it was kind of fishy that all of the capital letters were arranged that way, and then that's when I realized it: It's an acronym! As you read downwards, the letters spell "EAGLES," which means that we're getting eagles! Hopefully they aren't in the Diamond Shop. :)

And the final page:
Yay! I love the Friendship Parties. They always look really pretty and fun, merp. I also like the new icons that are shown on the World Map, they look really adorable. It's still a little weird because it feels like this odd tab in the lines of your peripheral vision, but still, neat!
Moving on to the cool, interesting glitches that I found (which are a lot, brace yourself):
So, my computer was really lagging, and I just went to my den to help with the lag...and then a badge from a person stayed. How odd. I decided to take a picture of it because it looked so weird in my den. XD

Here is the next (not really a glitch but still interesting):
Ever since the new update, Animal Jam doesn't glitch a person's animals anymore! It's very nice that they don't glitch like they used to, because it always looked weird to me when everyone's animals had the same look for each and every animal... c;
I also saw a big line of 'founder bunnies' earlier. It was pretty funny. (And why is the back of my fox's head always shown in these screenshots? It's just awkward.)
Another weird thing that I saw...that was probably the oddest thing that I'd ever seen someone say. It's hilarious that that person just went around saying that, haha. So weird. People are so weird. x3

And, finally, something that isn't a glitch but still pretty cool:
What a cool ad! And a very cool drawing of Greely, too! Hehe. Some of the ads are pretty interesting, especially the art featured on them. ;)

That's about it for today, Jammers. Sorry for the weird post!


  1. Lol! I am so glad that they fixed the animal glitch.

  2. Me too! That silly bug has been going on forever. So glad it's fixed. c:

  3. A long time ago I asked AJ if they could make a land that's like in the sky and only flying animals can go there. Now eagles are coming out so I'm like, yay. But I think eagles are going to be pets. It would be really cool though if it's an animal. And when is the giraffes and elephants and rhinos going to come back? Also, I think the Friendship Party music is ridiculous. I mean really, shopping music? That's the best AJ could do? One last thing to say is that now non members can't see what was recently said. You know, the triangle arrow thingamabober that's above the chat box thingamajig. Byyyeee! (Waafffllleeeesss =P)

  4. I think that eagles are going to be animals. I don't think they will have their own lands, though.


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