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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ice Prison

Haillo my little comets! The new item for today is:
An Ice Prison? Uh, is that supposed to be for the phantoms or something? I must admit, that is a little odd to have in a children's game. Maybe it's existence is only for the purpose of role-playing. x3

Me: Save me! Save me! I'm stuck in a terrible ice prison, and I can't get out!
Other person: Uh, do you have brains? Just wear phoenix armor and melt the ice. :P
Me: No, no, this is unlike any other prison! This is an ICE prison!
Other person: ...
Me: Save me!
Other person: I don't think I should bother. :|

Haha, it was sort of fun writing that. XD

Anyways, yesterday I was strolling around Jamaa when I saw a non-member Arctic Wolf! Right in front of my eyes!
Their user was emmaharveystrider123. You don't see non-member Arctic Wolves every day, eh? I wonder if there is a new glitch or something. If there is, my fingers are crossed that it stays until my membership expires! c:

There was also another person who had a glitched lasso on their trade! It was a deep, raspberry color, which actually isn't part of the natural lasso colors! Isn't that odd?
As you can see, they have a raspberry lasso! I couldn't get a picture of the lasso on trade, I'm sorry, the person left before I could investigate further. That's really cool, though. I wonder how it got glitched...

And, last but not least, I wanted to give a Jammer Shout-Out to:
Misstess! Misstess is a super cool and kind jammer. She is very giving and mature, and she always puts her buddies above herself. She knows how to handle tough situations and lend a helping paw to those in need. She also has the best morals, and she vows to stop scamming! I'm glad to be her buddy. :)

I think I covered everything for today. Have a wonderful week!


  1. Lol! The Arctic Wolf sounds pretty neat... I wonder how he/she did it. Misstess sounds like a nice jammer!

  2. I see Misstess often, she fights scammers off when I see her sometimes, and when there's none, she's a really great and friendly person! :)
    Oh, and I saw a non-member monkey wearing a ninja mask, who is CO.

    1. @Duchess Berrybunny: Yep, I wonder how they did that, and Misstess is very kind. XD
      @Lemo AJ: Yep, she's around often, and one time she held this campaign that said, "Peace, not war!" while I typed a 'peace' sign right next to her speech bubble. :3


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