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Friday, January 17, 2014

Hockey Sticks

Haillo Jammers! Sorry for not posting at all this week, school makes things really busy. I guess I just can't post during the week, but I can post on the weekends (or at least on Fridays). Anyways, I checked out the other blogs, and it doesn't look like there has been a lot of cool new items lately. .3.

Today's new item is:
Ugh, that's irritating. And not really that creative, either. Sort of disappointing. The other item, (that actually looked a bit interesting), was the Giant Snowy Paw Print:
That's actually a new item! Too bad it's member. And it's sort of based off of the snow angel, I guess. Oh well. It still looks sort of cool. This must be some Jamaasian version of 'Big Foot,' eh? Maybe it's like a giant wolf snowman. XD

Oh, and look at this weird mini glitch!
The arctic wolf is tiny compared to everyone else! That's so weird. And it looks really funny, too.

Moving onwards, I woke up super early today, and it gets a little awkward when you go to a land (in Aldan, the busiest server alive, I swear), and there's no one there. At all.
Poor Kimbara. Always left out. It's okay, Kimbara, I love you. *Pats*

And to wrap this post up, I noticed an amazing thing the other day on my blog:
2 readers at ONCE!? (I mean, yeah, one of the readers counts as me...) but still, that's pretty awesome! I've never had two readers read my blog at once. It makes me feel like my blog is actually starting to...I don't know, get noticed? Yippee! ^^

Anyways, happy jamming to y'all! Have a wonderful Friday,


  1. I've seen three readers at once. And hey, didcha notice? Ya got 2,816 page views!!!!! =P that you should know!

    1. Hehe! That's awesome! And yes, I totally forgot about the views! 2,000 and moving on to 3,000 is quite a lot. ;3

  2. *thought

  3. Congratulations! And the snowy paw print... Definantely the Bumble!!!
    (That was a Rudolph reference)

  4. And, hockey sticks? Please make more animal-ish items!!


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