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Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Blog & Apologies

So sorry guys! I've been kind of inactive this whole weekend. Things are getting a bit busy. I'm not going to post the new item and whatnot, it's boring. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I made a new art blog! The blog will have commissions, graphics, art, and lots of other fun things. It's still sort of under construction, but it'll get better. I need to work on it a bit longer. :3

You can visit it here.

Also, to veer off a bit, my friends and I had a battle of whether pancakes or waffles were better. Other people started joining in, and it was absolutely hilarious! (It wasn't a real battle, of course, just a matter of whether pancakes or waffles were better.)

Just know this, my friends...pancakes are ALWAYS better. ;)


  1. Pancakes are THE BEST. Tell those people to get their facts straight! :P (Jk!)

    1. @airlec02 and Duches Berrybunny: You guys are the best! Woohoo for fluffy, delicious pancakes! :3

  2. Whales think waffles are the best food in the world and pancakes stink
    Always eat it for breakfast
    Food from heaven
    Fluffy, yummy goodness
    Lick my plate
    Eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner EVERYDAY


    1. Pancakes are sweet, floppy, and fluffy
      Always gives me warmth in my tummy,
      Never tastes wrong in my mouth,
      Couldn't ever BE wrong in my mouth,
      A delight to taste and eat and smell, pancakes are
      King, king of sweet carols and bells,
      Eating pancakes cures my pain, and
      Since you HAVE to love pancakes, please come again! x3



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