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Saturday, March 8, 2014

New Update & Spring!

Hello my little comets! I could just do about a crazy happy-happy dance. Pet seahorses are now available for ALL JAMMERS!? Yes! That's seriously the best thing that I've heard all week. It's interesting how Animal Jam is letting more non-members have more rights underwater, (underwater den, underwater den items, underwater pets), but not as many rights on land...hmm... *Strokes beard*
Anyways, that's really awesome news! Hehe. c:

And I just realized that the birthday party is already going to be tomorrow. It's sort of scary, I'm worried that I'm going to mess up or something, (since I tend to do that), which is a complete fail. :P

Next bit of information:

Yay, new shop! And the items look really sparkly and awesome, too. (Not that I've owned any yet, but I saw Lemo's den and it looks amazing.)

(And so is a new blog!) In celebration of the loveliness of spring and the beautiful art in Jamaa that comes with it, I've decided to make another blog called 'Jamaa's Spring Sweetness,' and you can visit it here:

Basically the blog is only open during Spring, when Jamaa blooms. In the blog I'll probably post screenshots of Jamaa's beautiful spring layout, and write poetry about spring and what spring means to me. c:

That's about it for today, probs. See y'all around!
Party tomorrow:


  1. Cool! Winter seems to have lasted so long... Today I ran around outside with my friends and we got in trouble for our muddy sneakers!

    1. Yep, winter usually lasts super long for me. It's still winter for me now, though it's starting to get a little muddy...hopefully the snow will melt!

  2. I'm afraid I won't be able to come to the party, since I'm going to go to a dinner with my parents' friends and their two daughters (one of them is my friend so it'll be okay XD).
    But I also have a gift for you, it isn't done yet, but just one hour before te party, please check your e-mail (, there should be an e-mail from . It is my gift for you, you'll see :)


    1. That's fine! You don't have to give me a gift, but that's sweet of you to do so. I hope you have fun with your dinner! Eat lots of pancakes, 'kay? (Haha, I know you can't since it's a dinner but whatever.) c:


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