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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Aww, thank you!

Big 'thank you' to y'all for spreading the word about my party! Thanks to you, so many people know about it! I've gotten tons of jam-a-grams from people saying they'd come, and many sweet jam-a-grams saying that they supported me and my blog. c':

Thank you to the following jammers and their awesome blogs:
(If I missed you, so sorry about that! Please let me know, I'm sort of in a rush right now.) XD

Also, I received an odd, blank message from my friend, AdmiralIcy today:
I asked her how she did it, and she just replied with 'Magic.' Haha, very helpful, Admiral! Anyways, that will remain a mystery until someone figures that out. ;3

Next bit of info (which is really annoying), my Animal Jam is being glitchy when I'm editing my den! That's a complete pain because a.) I need to design my den for the (whispers) PARTY...and b.) I can't see the floors. 

Seriously, I can't.
(This is not fake or edited, no joke.) My wolf is the storage account, and I can see it fine on my storage, but not my main account. And darn, I guess you got to see a little bit of the party den. Whatever, I changed it up a little bit since then. I really need to stop talking.


I also finally made it to the Lucky Party. That and the Friendship Party are my favorites, so if you ever see me there, awkwardly dancing in the center and grinning like an idiot, you'll know it's me! HEHEHE! 
Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. I'm really hyper on sugar right now, I just ate two cookies, plus the party is coming in a week and I'm going a bit...nuts. It just happens to me a lot, y'know.

One more thing before I end this post:
Goodbye, Rocky. I miss you already. You are sweet, kind, caring, and loving, and you had the best blog ever. You really changed me and I know that you've changed tons of other jammers as well. It still hasn't knocked me hard enough on the head that you've left, (I really can't comprehend it yet), but I know that once it does, I'll probably start bawling my eyes out. You are an amazing blogger and have left a perfect, red panda-shaped paw print on the world. 

You will forever remain in my heart. Always. <3

Spread the word about my upcoming party:


  1. 1. Oh! I know how the mystery person did the blank JAG. They called on an army of faeries and they used their pixie dust to magically turn the words invisible! Oh yeah, I'm good.
    2. Huh, strange glitch. And I bet very annoying. Haha, I bet those spectators on the side are taking a peek at the party. All in all, I know the party will a blast!
    3. In my opinion, I don't like the Friendship Party too much because of a) the shopping music and b) it's just kinda... boring.
    4. Uh-oh, Comet's having a sugar rush. Everyone better watch out XD
    5. That's very touching. Even though I don't know Rocky too well, I know she must have been a great jammer and friend. She will be missed greatly. But remember, there are never good-byes, just see you soons.
    (Nafi made wolfiepaws up and I thought it was a cute name)

    1. XD

      I will miss Rocky, too. :( Comet filled up on sad pancakes that day and started missing Rocky big time all over again. ;(

    2. Yes, sad pancakes everywhere... :(

  2. Whoops, why did I say mystery person?

  3. Rocky, I'm so sad.... :(

    Well, I'm excited for the party! :D

  4. Rocky... D:
    Eep! Party! I hope I can come!!!!!! :D :D (I dunno for certain because I haven't checked my schedule yet. XD) PAAAARTYYYYYY!!!! :D :D (Now I feel like a toddler. O.O)
    Weird glitch.... Really weird glitch... But I like the empty JAG glitch. That's so cool! ^.^

    1. **I forgot to add... I'm the former airlec02, who had now changed her username 3 times. XD

    2. Yes, I saw your blog posts, congrats on the new username! It's awesome and sounds awesome, too. :3

  5. My blogs XD also that glitch ALWAYS happens to me!!!



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