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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Awesome Items & Stuff!

Hello my little comets! I decided to base this post off of the many good things that have been going around Jamaa lately. It makes me happy to think about it, but also sad to think about how fast this year has already been going! I mean, spring is already speeding past, that means summer will come in just a matter of time. Wow.

Anyways, first thing's first, I have a den tip for you guys:
Make sure to incorporate lots of plants in your den! Plants look absolutely lovely in a den, just as long as they aren't crowded. I've just realized how pretty this style is, and I've been working on this den for two days. (Not all at once, of course.) I'm still working on the outside...I'm not sure how ti should look.

Anywhoozies, I was at a friend's barn den and I just felt the need to say:
I need help. YES, YUSH I DO!

Next bit of info, Lemo tried to help me figure out how to write faces on jam-a-grams, but I completely failed at it. Thanks for your help, Lem! Sorry I fail so miserably...
I was sort of able to write it, but I failed because it still remained red, and no matter how many times I pressed the alt keys or the backspace key it just wouldn't work. And then things started to get REALLY glitchy...
That is not a bad thing to say, AJHQ. Are you denying that this game totally rocks? SHAME ON YOU. Tsk, tsk. ;)

One last thing before I close off:
This item. I love it. It's non-member and it floats without floating away from me. When I was younger I'd always win balloons from restaurants, but whenever I went outside, the wind would yank it out of my hand and I'd just watch it float away, higher and higher up into the sky. It'd make me cry. T.T

Ah, my sad little toddler years. Haha. XP

Fine, I have just ONE OTHER thing to say before I close off: When should the make-up party take place? And should there be some sort of theme to it? That would be fun. I'm not certain of all of my buddies' schedules, so I'm not sure what works for you guys. c;

That's it (for real!),


  1. I love the balloons too! And nice den tip.

  2. Teh parteh should take place on the week-ends, which will prob' be better for quite a few peeps :)
    I like the den tip, do any of you mind visiting mine? It's always unlocked, except when I'm decorating it :3
    I love the style of elegant and natural dens, it's really peaceful... But don't you dare think I'm the peaceful kind, I'm more of the party-all-night-and-forget-about-homework-while-trying-to-sleep kind :3


    Oh and my RL style is just basically the colors and patterns of Desigual <3

    1. @Wolfiepaws: Hallo!
      @Duchess Berrybunny: Thank you. x3
      @Myth: Yep, I'll definitely plan the make-up party on a weekend because I can hardly come on during the week. I would love to visit your den! And I can tell you aren't exactly the peaceful type...but, you know, opposites attract. ;)

      (Though I'm relatively peaceful and I like quiet places. Hmm.)

  3. love your den :)
    In the younger days, I was always afraid my balloons would float away. Yet they never did (my younger sister's always did, though)
    btw, thanks for visiting my blog =)

  4. I love the eagle items, they are really pretty and they stand out in your den.


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