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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kindness Movement!

Hello my little comets! Starting today I've decided to begin a Kindness Movement. Kindness is rarely shown online (especially on Animal Jam), and I think that it's about time that we stop all this bullying and hacking and scamming.

Every month, I am going to do something out of kindness for random jammers that I see walking around Jamaa. This month, I resolve to (every day, mind you, unless I can't come on), send at least one kind jam-a-gram to a jammer! c:
I've already done my resolution for today.

Will any of you guys resolve to do anything for the Kindness Movement? It can be anything as simple as listening to a jammer or friend in need, or giving gifts. Be sure to show kindness outside of the online world, too, I guarantee that there will be someone who needs you. ^.^

Anywhoozies, don't you think Animal Jam should have some sort of 'Diamond Day' thing? For example, 'Diamond Day' could be held once a year on the 1st of April (since April is the 'Diamond' month, haha), and it'd be like a diamond festival!

AJHQ could put at least three or two slots in the daily spin, (you'll then have a higher chance of winning diamonds):
And we could play games that could give us diamonds! Or we could pay gems for diamonds. I know that AJHQ doesn't want to lose money or anything, but giving us one day to earn diamonds would be fun. :3

The diamonds would be growing on trees!
Literally. LOL.

Okay, so that was just a random idea. I think it would be a lot of fun, but probably an extremely laggy day, since there would be tons of people getting free diamonds.

Actually, thinking of how many people there would be is frightening...

MOVING ON: Look at this weird glitch I encountered when I tried to offer for a claw! Odd or what? I guess the items just don't like being in their blue prison.
Cocoa machine: I hate this blue box! It's like a prison, and it's so weird.
Blue mat: Why, I agree! And besides, I do NOT want to be sat on again. I will be joining you in our grand escape!

Ah, and one more last glitch:
Hmm, seems like nothing wants to stay put today. XD

That's it for today, y'all! See you around,


  1. April is my favorite month, cause it's diamonds and flowers and rainbows and birthdays and springtime and chocolate and all things WONDERFUL!

  2. Kindness Movement! It's perfect! Great idea my comet friend <3

  3. That'sa great idea! I am going to do that! :D

  4. I would love to join! :D A few days ago I saw someone using really mean, rude, offensive, and hurtful language. :( I wish people would STOP with the bullying. -.-
    I also heard of someone that asks for your personal info in return for any item you want. O.O That's just scary. Think of those rare fanatics. Dx
    So AJ isn't as safe as our parents think... 0-0

    1. Creepy... O.O
      My parents hate Animal Jam already. If they found out aabout one more scammer, we'd be banned from playing it at all.

  5. I will too! That's awesome! You should make a banner saying 'I support the kindness movement!' that people could put on their blogs.

  6. I would want to join. During beta testing and the early days of Animal Jam, everything was amazing! Everyone was kind, friendly and happy. But now, it's all like Jamaa is full of anarchy.

    1. Thank you guys for your support! I love your ideas. I'm definitely going to make a banner for blogs all around. (That completely slipped my mind, haha.) XD

  7. C:
    Today I told NMs to come to my den, and I gave them the colored items they wanted and I gave the two most "un-rare" ones a pirate sword each :DDD
    I agree w/ Lemo, back in the Beta days and the few months after, AJ was a WONDERFUL game... I wish those days will come back one day, although everyone knows that there will always be scammers/hackers... ):


    1. I wish I played during early AJ. I wanna see all kind Jammers.. :'c

  8. I love this Comet! Oh, btw, you probably don't know me, but I am Pink, Naffy, and a few other Jammer's buddy that you are buddies of. Oh dear, is that confusing? XD

    1. Oh forgot to ask, wanna be buddies? C:

    2. Nope, not confusing at all! Thank you so much for your support. <3

  9. Good idea, it's definitely time to kick the meanness (is that even a word? o.o) out of Jamaa! I love your idea about sending nice JAGs; I think I'll try sending some to my buddies as often as possible. c: And I'll make sure to repost the banner on to my blog this week. :)

  10. I think the kindness movement is a great idea! I agree scamming and/or hacking should stop.

  11. awesome idea! I'm joining! But, i can't send gifts,so, i'll do somethng else

  12. Oh, The Kindness Movement? That's purr-fect, Comet! I've seen lots of banners that says in different blogs (same banner): "I support The Kindness Movement!"

    I would love to join! I'm starting to send Jammers, buddies, at least everyone happy JAGs! I just love it when we do these good-related stuff to some innocent Jammers!

    May I join? I'd love to, anyway! Peace out, Comets!


    1. Hehe, thanks! And of course you can join. :)

  13. If anyone is reading, im starting a kindness movement! since this hasnt been posted on for awhile, i think its ok all you have to do is buddy me on aj my user is vsnerd13 and we meet in my den on aj every sunday from noon to one!


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