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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rant about Updates...

Hello Jammers! Thank you very much for your support and your advice on how I should post. I've decided to post funny pictures, interesting observations, Words w/ Comet, and rants about important and interesting updates. This way I can compromise with you guys! :3

Anyways, I need to talk to you guys about the new update:
First off, this first page update? Amazing. The fact that Animal Jam is trying to give more rights to non-members is absolutely amazing! And I am so happy that now non-members get to own two dens. :D

(Not to mention that Animal Jam released about three non-member items that day, heurheur.) c:
Next page; this is also pretty cool! As I mentioned earlier, the non-member den items are a very nice touch, and the new 'Welcome to Jamaa' experience is positively awesome.
It's an amazing new rendition to the game, and I'm pretty sure that many Jammers would love it! I wish that I could've seen the land moving as well, but that's okay. 'The Blue Heron,' (I know that many blogs have noted this, but I'll note it as well) sounds like Mira, eh? The boat even looks like Mira. That also makes me very pleased with this update as well. ^.^
Next page in the Journal:
Wow, guys, can you believe that Valentine's Day is coming up? Didn't that speed by really fast? That's how I feel, anyways. The new items are pretty awesome, too, along with the new printable Valentines. Very creative, AJ!
Yep, eagles are coming. Nothing much to say there, except for the fact that I'm extremely excited. (Birds are my favorite animals, you know, that's why I love the Birds of Paradise Party!) :3
And, finally, a page about the newly-made "AJ Academy." That is also a very nice touch to help other Jammers learn and do fun activities. c:

Now, let's get to the bad part about the update.

The chatting. What happened, AJ? Why did you make it nearly impossible to chat? Sure, there are some chances where I can make a face after the period, (I don't know how, but it only happens sometimes):
And I can actually enter that and show it! Isn't that odd? But it only works for that particular sentence and face, I think. 

Some faces still work, such as: :3, x3, :), c:, :c, o3o, XD, :P, :D, :OO, :I. Other faces require an extreme amount of back-spacing, (a tip given to me from RockyTop2), O.O

Animal Jam, this new chatting system makes no sense at all. And it's pretty irritating that I can't type arrows either, which means a.) No hearts, b.) No arrows pointing to someone if I'm talking to a big crowd. That's going to be really hard.

Plus, silly faces can't be made anymore. The ones that require lots of spaces? Probably they aren't able to be typed anymore, and that's a complete bummer.

*Sigh,* oh well, I guess there's no helping it. That's probably about it for my rants today, I'll make a 'What to do when you're bored' post about AJ next weekend! (It's already in the making, hehe.) c;


  1. I am upset about the chat system, because I just got safe chat, but I am overjoyed about the non-member dens!!!!

  2. Non members can have as many dens as members! =D Also,check out the Animal Jam Non Member for some awesome glitches! Hint hint, member items in Non member dens!!!!! Found by yours truly. And, to tell you the truth, I don't really like waffles. I mean, I like them I just don't LOVE LOVE them. Like, crazy love.

  3. Why You Reading This? Ok, ok, I am wolfpaws4330February 9, 2014 at 7:21 PM

    Awesome! 23 comments?! That's one more comment than yesterday! XD

  4. I wish we still had the welcome to Jamaa thing , it seems pretty cool


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