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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Information 'bout Stuff!

First thing's first: I can't log in to Animal Jam because the homepage won't load at all:
I've tried using various browsers, updating my Adobe Flash Player, and I've tried accessing the website on a different computer. None of it works, but at least my dad's computer didn't work, either, so it's either a wireless problem or a website problem. However, it's probably a wireless problem, (even if our wireless is fine and works perfectly everywhere else), but it seems that everyone else can log onto Animal Jam and post on their blog about the new item.

*Stares at Rocky* O_O

Haha, so odd am I. Feel free to visit her blog, it seems to be the only updated blog post at the moment:

Next thing I have to say:
This blog is called the "Animal Jam Help Desk." First of all, this just SCREAMS wrong. Animal Jam wouldn't make a blog on a different server (, and it already has a 'help desk' on its website. Second of all, sure, this impersonator might've made it SOUND a lot like Animal Jam, but look closely at the second paragraph:

"Some jammers have been having problems typing in the chat box while playing animal jam. If you are having trouble, just leave a comment with your parent email linked to your account and your parent dashboard password. This way we can contact as soon as possible. Play wild!"

AJHQ has never asked for a parent dashboard password. Never. Yes, they've asked for the parent email, but they have never asked for the password; not while I was changing usernames, not while I was reporting anything. So that means one thing: This is a complete hack.

Be very careful where you tread, jammers, hackers are everywhere...

The final thing that I have to say today is something pretty sad, actually. Misstess, a good friend of mine, is quitting. She's quitting because DauphinRose, her closest friend, got hacked, (through her parent dashboard), and misstess didn't feel the need to support a game that wasn't 100% safe, that of which I completely understand.

However, the things that people are saying about her is what irks me. And saddens me at the same time.

So, 7 (a pretty famous jammer, it seems, since he's bepper's brother), started having a bit of 'drama' with misstess. Misstess removed him, they got in fight, etc. But, he posted a video talking about what misstess did, and he was angry at her. Did misstess post anything? No. She chose to leave it be.

A rumor has been spreading around that misstess HACKED her best friend, DauphinRose. That misstess was the hacker. Are you guys out of your minds!? You should be downright ASHAMED of yourselves, to even consider that option! Misstess has constantly been trying and putting good effort into making Jamaa a better place, and yet you still ignore all of her hard work. It is so upsetting to me, to know that people like this exist in the world:
Yes, something already bad happened to her. And don't you know it's just as cruel to wish bad upon others? She's receiving all this hate for no reason! Does anyone know how hurt she feels? That's right, no one knows how she feels about this. This is probably the first time that a buddy I've cared about a lot gets so much hate, and it makes me angry.

Misstess doesn't deserve this.


  1. That is really mean. Seriously.

    Also, if that was a real AJ website, they would have capitalized Animal Jam.

    1. Exactly!! That's what I noticed too! And if AJ did make a "help desk", they would say so on the Animal Jam website.

  2. It's scary how sneaky some people are. And it's also scary how far someone would go to hack. >.<

  3. That's so mean! Misstess didn't do anything! ;( Poor her.

    Also, I hate it how people are plagarizing (or however you spell it) AJ! Have you noticed those ads are certain sites that are copying Animal Jam's art? I really find those annoying and scary. >_<

    1. @RockyTop2: I know right? People are pretty's frightening.

      @Nafaria9: I think that Snowyclaw cleared it up and said that actually those ads were created by people who were hired by Animal Jam to make them. They just messed up and drew their own art, so they're going to be more careful next time. :)

    2. Ahhhh. So that makes more sense. Sorry if my comment seemed rude.. o-o

    3. Your comments never seem rude to me. You just didn't know, that's all. c;

  4. I made a blog. My first, hurray! Please check out. It's The Animal Jam Dream. Sorry, I know it's not much right now. PLEASE HELP ME. I'M SO CONFUSED

  5. Poor misstess. :(
    I seen her so much times as a joyful person, but a shame that she has such burden to carry.

    1. Yes, and she recently got hacked. She removed all of her buddies to protect us, she didn't want us to get harmed, either. Now I'm not her buddy anymore...but I appreciate what she did, even if I miss her greatly. :c


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