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Saturday, February 22, 2014

'Naming' Items & Glitches

Hello Jammers! Before I begin the actual subject of this post, I want to tell you guys about a few things. First, I can access Animal Jam at home now. (I don't know how it happened, it just randomly started working again.) Yay! Thank you guys so much for your support and your helpful comments, I couldn't have managed it without you. :)

Next, I got a pretty scary message from a jammer today:
Now, I'm not sure if this jammer meant it as a joke, but probably not. And besides, joking about things like this is really uncool. Hacking is scary, and it's heartless to do, since other people worked so hard for their items. My best advice to not get hacked is to lock your account every time you log out.

Also, I've been experiencing tons of glitches lately around Jamaa:
When I try to open up my 'customization' page, the loading circle appears for a good 10 seconds. Then, the loading thing disappears, and when I try to go somewhere, it glitches out and my fox disappears. Hmm, odd. It hasn't fixed for me yet. XD

Plus the loading glitch didn't even let me load my buddies sometimes:
Poor buddy list...

Anyways, moving on to the main point of this post: Have you guys ever 'named' an item that you really liked? It doesn't have to be rare or anything, just something that you like. For example, here is an item that I really like:
You may be going like, "WHAT, a tiara? Why!? It no interestante!" Well, I named this tiara The Friendship's Gem, and it's because a really, really good friend of mine (amq9) gave me this tiara as a gift when I was a NM. I used to love light blue, and she changed the tiara color for me, which was very sweet of her. I've kept it since.

Amq9 quit Animal Jam a while ago, but she's still on DeviantArt and she's an amazing artist, so we still keep in touch. c:
I've named my founder GoldenStar, which is pretty self-explanatory. ^.^
My favorite mech color, (though honestly I really like all of them) I decided to name it SnowyFeather. That's also pretty self-explanatory, too, though I used 'snowy' in the name because I always wear the mech on my fox, Eternal Snowymoon. :3
And this bow that I love, White. It's a pretty boring name, I know, but it's so fitting. Le little White!

Those were just a few items, I would add more, but I have many that I like on the game. It's sort of fun to name them, so I recommend you try it. There's always going to be items that appeal to you, so feel free to name them! (For example, I named my white Deer Fur SantaClausBeard.) Haha!

Before I wrap this up, I have a message for RockyTop2:
(I had to edit all of them, but most of them said 'yes.' At least, the ones that didn't end up in the recycling bin because they said 'no.') :3

See y'all later!


  1. Lol! XD I love the message. And I named my Glowing Crystal Sparkles. It watches over my Mira Emblem and Portal/Lava Stones. My Phantom Watcher keeps my Fire Drum and my Blue Fire drum safe.

    Favorite Items on AJ:
    Rare Necklace
    Rare Fox Hat
    Silver Ring
    Glowing Crystal
    Phantom Watcher
    Blue Fire Drum
    Fire Drum
    Crystal Peck Statue (but I lost it when I turned NM yesterday. Nuuuuu!)

  2. That's great that you can access AJ now! :D And I've only named 1 item; my Green Gecko Plushie. His name is Green Bean. :D

  3. You should report the message. Once someone threatened me, and once I reported it, the message disappeared that very second.

    1. @Duchess: You really do like glowing things! That's awesome. I think I have a few glowy items. If you want any of them I can give you some, but now that you're non-member I'll just have to wait until you come online. XD
      @Airlec02: Thank you! That is an ADORABLE name. I have an orange gecko if you'd like it, then they could be a pair. The orange one could be named 'orange bean.' :3
      @Ronen: Thank you! I completely forgot about even doing that. I think I still have the message, too, so I'll report it. ^.^

  4. Ha! See? Some mirrors say no! XD

    1. They were made incorrectly. The company messed up when they started designing and creating the mirrors. That is the most reasonable explanation. ;)

  5. I have a green dragon mask (NM), I know, it's weird, don't ask XD and my good buddy imawolf808 has a light orange one. Hers is called Pablo and mine is called Pablo Jr. XDD



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