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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bored on AJ? Read Below!

Hey Jammers! So let's say that you're super bored on Animal don't really know what to do! Sure, you could hang out with some buddies, but most are either at a party or trading, or (if you're a early-riser like me), no buddies are really online! Uh-oh. Well, feel free to look back at this handy-dandy manual every single time you get bored. It'll really help, I promise. :3

(By the way, I am probably going to post all of this information into a new tab, just so that if people are still searching for it they don't have to look through all of my posts to find it.) XD

1.) Stop by Animal Jam Academy! It's a wonderful resource for getting rid of boring-ness. You can learn new things, watch videos, and print out coloring pages for fun.
2.) Explore Jamaa! Feel free to just look around and observe Jamaasian culture. What sort of things did AJ take the time to design? What sort of things really interest you about Jamaa? Empty worlds are the most fun, because you get less lag, AND you can still see the art instead of crowded Jammers everywhere. XD

3.) Go shopping for random items that you want. Shopping is always fun. You can either shop with friends and plan outfits together, or just visit the store. I would suggest actually going to the physical shop, instead of buying it from the regular menu, because then you can travel around more. :)
4.) Take pictures at the Photo Booth! Who doesn't want a little picture of themselves? You can pick your favorite outfit and pose for an awesome snapshot, and you can even edit it if you'd like. If only Animal Jam could incorporate several Jammer pictures at once, eh? ;)
5.) Watch moves at the Serapia Theater! Educational videos are a great way for you to learn and enjoy yourself at the same time, plus it's absolutely awesome that Animal Jam incorporates the videos into the game. You can grab a friend, grab some popcorn, and laugh at some of the videos and the odd animals portrayed in the videos. You'll be sure to have a good time. c:
6.) Edit your den to what you fancy! Editing dens takes up a lot of time, and it's also really fun. You can customize your den just the way you would like, and come up with creative ideas to do so. Editing a den describes your personality, and you want your personality to shine!
6.) Edit your looks! Be sure to freshen up your looks every once in a while. You may think that you have no idea what you can customize your animal to, but there are millions of different ways that you could customize your animal! Your brain is constantly thinking, and if you think about it, that means that you should be able to come up with tons of different ideas for your next outfit. 
7.) Play a game of 'medic' with a friend, or just by yourself. I've always wanted to be a doctor when I grow up, so maybe it's a good idea. You can come up with some pretty wacky outfits with bandages and a band-aid. x3
8.) Yes, hang out with buddies. This is probably the most important one. Buddies are very important on Animal Jam, and hanging out with them just shows how much you care about them. If you never hang out with your buddies, you'll probably soon end up with 0, and of course, no one wants that! The more buddies, the better, I say. (Unfortunately we can't have more than 100 buddies at the moment...but some day AJ will add more spots to the list, I hope.) 
9.) Meet new people! Wander around Animal Jam, there is a 100% chance you will meet someone new. There are 10 million jammers out feel free to smile at a new person you happen to meet. They don't have to be your buddy, but maybe they'll become your buddy soon! :)

10.) Make a blog or create art! Ever since I was young, I was always into reading and watching other people's creations. Then, I decided to make my own AJ blog, because I was really ready to share my thoughts about certain things with the world. Creating has a different vibe than watching other people's creations, but it still has a certain pride to it. :)

11.) Enter or create a contest! Contests are fun; in a friendly, not-super-competitive manner. You might not really want to enter a contest just for the prize, but for the experience! It was always really fun to enter Kinyonga's contests because she had us draw pictures, write stories, etc., and encouraged us all to create. Miss you, Kin. c;

12.) Laugh. Look around at Jamaa...there are billions of things to laugh about. Laughing is a healthy reaction, so feel free to laugh as much as you'd like! Think of memories from when you first joined AJ, and smile because it all happened. I always laugh out-loud in Animal Jam; am I odd or what?
13.) Look at the old, and make the new... That doesn't mean you should be too sentimental, but think about how far (or how far you will go) with Animal Jam. If you've only been playing Animal Jam for a week, well, welcome to our community! If you've been playing for a year or two, think about the memories and how Animal Jam has changed you. Reflecting on these things isn't a bad thing!

14.) Make graphics of Animal Jam! Graphics are a fun way to improve your editing skills, plus, once you have made the graphics you want, you can share it on your blog for others to use. It's a great way to get involved in the community. c;

15.) Do good for other people. It doesn't take much, just a smile, a compliment, or sending someone a small gift. Give to people who never ask, or your buddies. Giving is a sign of maturity, and the understanding of the fact that it's just pixels. When you give, you will always feel happy afterwards, I promise you that. ^.^
16.) Scammer hunting? Here I come! Scams are everywhere, and no one wants to see scammers around every corner. Busy worlds tend to have more scammers, and more scammers = more unhappy/hurt people. If you ever see a scammer, feel free to report them! It might not do much, but many reports will eventually ban a scammer.

17.) Say funny, random things in Jamaa. People might look at you funny, but you'll have a really great laugh about it. Whenever I see people saying odd things, I always laugh at it. It's never a bad thing to long as it doesn't go over-board. XD
18.) Visit the Conversation Museum! There's probably lots of cool stuff there, including print-out activities, gem donations to certain animals, and videos about animals that amazingly pawsome. I definitely recommend giving the museum a visit!
19.) Tierney's Aquarium is also a great place to visit! The building has videos for you to watch, along with the pretty fish in the tanks. They're so cute, the little pixel fish. At least they're in pretty, blue water. 
20.) If you're still bored...then you may have to get off the computer! You can stretch, do some drawing, eat something, read, or do anything that might rest your eyes for a bit. Doing too much computer strains your eyes and affects stress levels, so getting some fresh air will definitely help!

Those are probably all the ones that I have for now. I'll add more to it as I find more ideas. What do you guys think? Are you as bored as you were before? :)


  1. Whoa! That's a lot of suggestions! I'll never be bored on Animal Jam again!

    1. Haha, thank you! It took a while to come up with all of them, though. :3

  2. Amazing list! :3
    And I love seeing people say random things. The randomness of it is just hilarious.

    1. Thank you! I know right? Some chats are really funny to read. x3

  3. You know what I like to say? SAY I IF YOU WANT A FREE RARE SPIKE! Then watch and enjoy the show! But afterwards, make sure to say LOL JK JUST WANTED TO SEE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN! It's really nice to see all the comments after. Haha, lol, etc. It just puts a smile on your face. I recommend you do it in different parts of Aldan. Kimbara is almost never full, but do it where ever you end up. =D

  4. thanks for all the suggestions :) one time, when me and my sister wanted to do something nice, we sent our best friend on AJ a ton of gifts because she always sells her stuff (for various reasons) and she was super happy :) I totally recommend doing this (except maybe not as much as we did-we sent her like 200 gifts-lol)
    I made one of these 'are you bored on AJ?' guides myself a while back!
    Hee, hee. I just keep looking at all your posts.


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