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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eagles & Updates!

Hello Jammers! Today I have some good news:
I managed to get on Animal Jam, which is amazing. Unfortunately, the bad news is that the only reason I can get onto Animal Jam is because I am at a different location; so that means that I still can't log-in at home. Hopefully the problem resolves itself!

Next piece of information:

Eagles are here! They look pawsome. (Of course they're in the Diamond Shop and that I don't even have enough money to buy one anyway.)
There is also a new game called "Swoopy Eagle." You know what the hilarious part of this is? The fact that it's very similar to an app called 'Flappy Bird,' a game that was a complete hit in Apple Stores and became famous in a week! However, the game was so hard that many people complained to the person who had programmed it, and he got so much hate that he eventually took the game down.

It's pretty funny how Animal Jam mimicked that app... :3
There are also some new items in the Diamond Shop:
It's a little sad that the dragon glove was brought back, I had been collecting those. Oh well. I'm pretty sure that Animal Jam is going to bring back the rest of the gloves as well; such as lava gloves, mummy gloves, etc. x3
And the remaining clouds were also brought back. Interesting. (Actually, I think those clouds are way prettier than the other ones, just my personal opinion though!)

I also have some other things that I want to nitpick out of the Jamaa Journal:
So, AJHQ has noticed out complaints about the chat system. At least they've acknowledged that they've noticed, that's nice! Sadly they didn't really change anything, but I could understand why they would eliminate some symbols...not all, though. There isn't really a need to eliminate ALL of the symbols. XD

Also, look at this!
Yay! AJHQ is using puns, too! It's a COOL item, and it's a snow cloud! Hahaha. I must laugh at that, I must, even if Animal Jam probably didn't even mean to be punny. :P

That's about it for today, happy Jamming! I'm going to call AJHQ later tonight to ask about why Animal Jam doesn't work at our house. ^.^


  1. Yay, you can get on! Even if it's just at a different location...
    I've never played Flappy Bird before. I guess it was kinda hard? :D
    I agree! The two clouds that just returned do seem the nicest. My favorite is the rain one.

    1. Haha, yerp! It was a super hard game, but it was really easy to get obsessed. The Animal Jam version is far easier than the original Flappy Bird. I love the rain cloud and snow cloud equally, but I think sometimes I veer more towards the rain cloud as well! :3

  2. I love those clouds. I have 2 days left of membership...

  3. Love the new updates! But I wish the eagles could have been nm. I understand it's luring people to buy membership, but still...

    1. @Duchess: Aww! Hopefully you can renew it least those clouds are non-member, though! (Just realizes). :3
      @Wolfpaws4330: Totally agreed! I mean, eagles are the first animals that can fly up in the sky, why shouldn't non-members get access?


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