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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pink Ugly Unicorns Tap-Dancing on Barf Rainbows While Eating Banana and Potato Salads

Hallo my little comets! This lovely weird title is by pink200330, and it made me laugh pretty hard when I saw it. I am SO sorry for not posting again in such a long time. I haven't been on Animal Jam in a while, and I haven't been as interested in it. (Which makes me cringe to say so, but it is unfortunately true.) I've been way more active on DeviantArt and yada yada.

I will begin writing my autobiography about Animal Jam as soon as possible, but I won't do it now because I don't really want to think about how quickly the summer is ending. It makes me sad.

I may be hosting a goodbye/memory party at my den, though, so we can look forward to that! :3

Anywhoozies, here is another section of the Fauna Pancake Adventures!
(By the way, in case I haven't mentioned it before, Fauna REALLY dislikes people.) 

Also, here is a cool movement that Pink introduced me to in Jamaa. It was protecting the rights of animals, but then it turned into arguments about how animals should be treated, and then it slowly dwindled to just random conversations about random stuff. Very interesting. XD
Have a great day!


  1. D: Comettt don't disappear :( It's your choice though. In any case, have great days in life! :)

  2. Aloha, Ethy-Angel/Comet-Crystal (hee hee mixing up your DA and blogger names :3) I think that I liked this Fauna's Adventure more than the others.

    *hugs everyone*

  3. I love this Fauna Episode, we will miss you alot if you disappear :( I wish I can follow you at DA except I don't know your user there at DA.
    Missing your posts -Vanilla Sweetz & Sweetlittlecat

    1. My username is AngelicaCrystal. I'll be sure to watch you back on DA! :)

      Thank you. Unfortunately, I may have to go... :c

  4. Nuuu!!
    BUT I DONT CARE!! I LOVE IT!! Haha nevermind tht o3o
    I'm joinging dA soon ^.^ You're probably thinking "OMG NOOOOOOOOO LEAVE ME ALONE YOU BRAT"
    Hurhur eue


    1. Nope, not at all! I'm glad that you're going to be joining. Please let me know what your user is! Mine is AngelicaCrystal. (Though I'll be changing it again in 3 months.) :D


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