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Monday, July 28, 2014

Words That Describe Wolfiepaws: Elysian, Alate, Cosmogyral, Ludic, Lucent, Mirifical, and So Many More.

Hello my little comets! So sorry that it took me forever to post again. Anyways, this title is based off of wolfiepaws' sweet title that she said about me. (Though I changed the username to hers, I didn't keep it as mine, haha!) I also want to give her a big thanks for giving me a CS pet. Thank you! I have no idea how to make animals/trade or do anything on there, but thank you for the gift. x3

Have you noticed that Animal Jam has been doing a green theme with their den items lately? Hrm. Must be the summer fever. It hits us all.
And, I just wanted to say that there will be more Fauna Pancake Adventures coming up! A few buddies have requested for her to show up, so here is a preview of some of the stuff to come:
The new and improved non-member Fauna is back!
Fauna is not a very big fan of the bugs that appear in the pool. (Sorry if you can't see the bugs, her chats kept covering it up. Geez, Fauna.) :P

See you around,


  1. :) OK, so maybe it wasn't really a weird title... Whatever. XD Your welcome for the pet. On deviantart you showed your username for CS and I was like, oh! She plays CS? XD So I looked up your username so I could maybe trade but... No pets? No items? Huh? DX So I just gave you a gift. :)

  2. Yay ^.^ A new Fauna Pancake!! I knew that our Comet wasn't gone forever >:D And she never will be. For if she went away, she would always be our Comet.

    That's a promise that you have to make. Pinky Promise? :3

  3. Hooray for more Fauna!

  4. Yey :DD
    Some random news:
    *today's my Bday so I'm 13 now, which means hello dA :DD
    *I'm getting a wacom tablet tomorrow
    *I can get on AJ tomorrow
    *I ate a waffle a few days ago


    1. I'm far from 13 :P Or kind of far. I have to live another 2 years to get to 13. And my birthday is very far from today. But I'm glad to be where I am and how old I am right now :D

    2. :33
      Hurhur when I was 6 I thought I was so big owo


  5. Yay! Fauna is back and in that nonmember-ness!!! :P

  6. Fauna is back! And she magically turned into a penguin! I was wondering where she went when I saw an old post with her last adventure.. Yay :3 I reminded you hee hee!


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