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Monday, August 18, 2014

My Animal Jam Autobiography

Yep, this is it. My autobiography. You must be thinking, "What, already? But you still haven't posted all the weird titles!" Don't worry, I will. I just can't think of any good post content to actually put up on the blog, and unfortunately, yes...I am losing interest in Animal Jam. The sad fate that awaits all of us in the end.

I haven't been on in Animal Jam in a while, but I will still visit a couple of times. I heard that there is a hummingbird balloon (AHH! I want it!) so I'll definitely come on to see it and at least put it in my inventory, even if it's for members. :)

I first started Animal Jam around two years ago, with the request of one of my real life friends, owlsrock12. (Who has since then quit.) He had been continuously urging me to make an account, saying that it was a fun site. Eventually, I consented, inputting my favorite username at the time, CometCatcher109. My first animal was a bunny, who I named Snowflake Winged(I forgot the last word, I'm sorry). XD

When I first joined Animal Jam, I was overwhelmed. There were so many items, and so many different customization options! I wasn't that into the game, not yet, anyway.

I first began by exploring Jamaa, communicating with others and playing games throughout this new virtual world that I had discovered. The first item that I had wanted was the rare purple head-feather, which had been the Rare Item Monday the day BEFORE I joined. I joined on a Tuesday. It sucked. :P

I searched endlessly through Jamaa, trading millions of people for one of those rare purple head-feathers. Eventually, I got one with 4 store-bought items (THANK YOU TO WHOEVER ACCEPTED THAT) and I seriously whooped for joy. This was just the beginning of my item hunt, unfortunately.

I remember playing Sky High often, just to try to get purple mech wings. (Which I also had wanted, so that I could put it on my bunny). At this time, I admit, I was getting sort of obsessed with trading and just the general game. I'd play it often, and my parents started getting worried about me. I tend to get obsessed towards things very easily, and I'd quickly spend 7 hours or even more on Animal Jam.

I encountered some rough bumps along my trading endeavors, such as someone requesting my password (although I declined, saying, "Here's my password: DON'THACK), and they disappeared. Hahaha. I am such a troll.

One of my oldest friends, who I met around the time I joined, amq9, was there while I was a non-member. We talked and laughed a lot, and gifted each other during the holidays. I still remember the time I spent out of my day just chatting with her, it was great. She is a wonderful friend, and she's still on my buddy list! Throughout our friendship, she decided to take a break from Animal Jam and quit...but now she's back, and now I am quitting...

Around the time that I had gotten really into the game, my friend who had convinced me to join (owlsrock) decided to quit, saying that he needed to concentrate on school and that it was interfering with his grades. He decided to send me nearly all of his stuff. By then I was a member, so I was able to accept his gifts. One of the gifts were bat wings, (also rare at the time), and I appreciated it very much.

After getting the bat wings, I had put them on trade...and got scammed for the first and thankfully last time on Animal Jam. This random person kept flashing me a real pirate sword, which mostly confused me, and when they flashed a store-bought sword, I accepted it...idiotically.

I felt bad because it was a gift from owlsrock12...but it also made me angry. However, I vowed to try to get them back.

I played Sky High often, but I never did get them back. It was okay, though.

Before last summer, my parents banned me from Animal Jam, worried about my obsessiveness with the game. (They did it rightfully.) This was around the time that the Diamond Shop appeared. Eventually, they removed my ban, and I visited Animal Jam again, surprised to find out about the Diamond Shop, and that I had already got 10 diamonds or something like that since I'd been so gone for so long.

Last summer, I wasted MANY hours on Animal Jam. I can't even count how many times I spent on the computer, constantly chatting with other people and trading. And then my computer would sometimes shut down because it'd run out of battery, or it just couldn't take how much battery juice the game spent. (Honestly, if I were my computer, I wouldn't be able to, either.)

I regret that summer, because I didn't spend much time with my family. Instead, I just shut myself in. :(

There was some drama that I overcame last summer, but not very much. Sometimes I'd get in light scrapes with others and I would reply, only causing more problems. I learned this from those fights: If someone says something mean...ignore it.

Once the summer had ended, I began forcing myself to get off of Animal Jam. It was messing with my life, controlling it. I decided to announce that I would be quitting, and thanked all of my amazing buddies for what they did. But then, on one random day, I decided to make this blog...and it's kept me on Animal Jam for another year.

After making this blog, Animal Jam became less of an obsessive game for me, interestingly enough. I started meeting amazing people like all of you who are reading this, and I became more mature, too, developing relationships with actual people.

The sad thing is the fact that when I first started Animal Jam, I was addicted to 'rares' and the whole concept of pixels. I don't really know why, but I enjoyed trading. The only problem was the fact that most of the time I spent on Animal Jam was trading...and it was a frustrating experience.

After meeting all of these Animal Jam bloggers, I changed, and I've just noticed that now. Now all of the time I spend on Animal Jam is just chatting with buddies, and sometimes the occasional stop by Jamaa to see how it's doing. (It hasn't changed that much, even if the concept of 'rares' is gone now, people are still scamming and hacking, disappointingly enough.)

Because of some scrapes, I changed my username to EtherealComet, (which I love very much), though I still regret changing my username. I mean, I started out with CometCatcher109, it was my first username. It was hard to let it go, but I didn't want people to think I was a copycat of 'CometCatcher.' It was drama that I didn't want to deal with.

I have to say that the best part of my experience with Animal Jam was blogging. I like how much it changed me, and how I could share my experiences with others.

I want to give a HUGE thank-you to everyone who has been following my blog and giving me support. It's because of you that I've stayed this long, and I want to thank you. I may be quitting, but I will never forget the ups-and-downs of my two years of playing Animal Jam. You can always stop by and say hello to me at DA, since I am active on that site. (Unless you're underaged, then you may have to wait a while, but I will remember you, don't worry! Just tell me what your Animal Jam username is.) ;)

Song that makes me most nostalgic about my blogging time spent on Animal Jam:

Of course, there is way more to my autobiography, but I didn't want to write it all for you and bore you to death. Haha. XP

Thank you (this is not my last post, I will post other weird titles),
~Comet <3


  1. I love your AJ story! Maybe I should make my AJ autobiography... I too went through a phase where I was obsessed with Animal Jam. xD

  2. It was a pleasure reading your AJ autobiography. :)
    Imagine if I did mine -imagines- it would be weird. O.o x3
    And yay , more posts soon! c:

    1. I think there's a time in all of us Jammers that have been playing for a while when we become 'addicted' to playing AJ- which was last summer for me too. O.o

      And yes. When I first started AJ, I was very weird. For some reason, if I post on how I started AJ, I'll call it, "My Stupidity: How I Started AJ". O3O

    2. XD I should of called mine that, too! lol

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


      PARTY TIME!!!

    3. Finally finished drawing that bird. I'm not good at drawing its eyes though D:


      A little quiz that I made about myself ^-^ ...In Animal Jam, on YouTube, and some about blogging :)

    5. Haha, I messed up on the last two. I wasn't exactly sure about them. XD

      Congratulations on the diamonds! :)

  4. Ya I spent way too much time on the computer, this summer..
    Touching story, though. :) (I actually did my AJ story a long while ago, XD a few weeks I think)
    we'll miss you a ton, Ethy. But now we can be obsessed with DA together :,) I hope to have many, many more experiences with you :)

    1. DA... I went there pretty often before, even though I didn't have an account, because, for some reason, I always got redirected there from Google Search. I liked it pretty fine, but then I found some inappropriate pictures on it, like bloody battling(Scaryyyy) or, you know, those "Boy and girl" inappropriateness. Then I never went on there again. My parents are pretty strict about inappropriateness, and so am I, kind of :3 But I still wish all of you good days on DA! :D

    2. oh all of that stuff is on 'hidden' for me, I don't like that stuff either D: I know what you mean.. CREEPPYYY

      Thank you! You're sweet :3

  5. Me too. When I first joined Animal Jam, I was obsessed with trading. Trading is my game. Was, at least.

    When I first joined, there wasn't a think called "Monday Rare" yet, so when I saw it on the news, I was ecstatic! I mean! Rare for all!

  6. Nice autobiography comet, first time of me on AJ i actually i didn't know much of trading at first but i miss all of those who were my buddies. Sorry for late comment.

    with Hearts of Crystal and Sweetness of Silver,
    Vanilla Sweetz & Sweetlittlecat

  7. Wait. Is this the one who wrote "Children of the Forest" on DA? Because that story is SOOO amazing!!!! :') <3
    If not. Then... uh... Never mind.
    I don't have a DA, so I can't comment on there. So... owo

    1. It is, actually c: she's an amazing author!

    2. Yeah, it was me. Thank you so much, you are so sweet! :)

  8. My user is snowclaw6

  9. I love your autobiography! It sounds a lot like my blogging/AJ experience actually... :checks post: it is the exact same... O.O


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