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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Words w/ Comet #3: Animal Jam vs. Reality

Countless times, (and by countless, I mean a lot) have I seen Animal Jam YouTubers saying that they cut themselves or feel the need to commit suicide because of the drama and the bullying that they've experienced on Animal Jam. I know that most people who are reading this post do not feel the need to harm themselves, but if someone happens to pass by my blog, here's a message for you:



Because your life is worth more than some online person told you. I know it's hard. I know that you want to 'escape.' Do. Not. You will live through this...but you are the only person in control of that. You are capable of handling this...but you are the only person in control of that.

In reality, you hold your life in your hands.

Why would you waste it?

Why would you waste it if you could do so much with your life? Why would you waste it if you could grow up, get a job that you will (hopefully) love, drive, and travel around the world? Why would you get rid of your life just because of what someone online said to you?

Your life is worth more than that. You were put into this world for a reason. You only get to live once. (Well, maybe you get to live more than once, I have no idea. None of us know, and if we do live more than once, we never remember, anyways.) That means that your life is very special. You are so lucky and extremely blessed to live. There are people dying in the world. Right at this moment. You survive from at least, what, I don't know, 1,000 things a day.

Think about it. You are extremely lucky.

And if you still don't buy it, if you still think that your life is worthless...look at the people around the world. They are starving. Hurting. Dying. People who can barely breathe, people who have to live on the streets. If you lived, you could do something for them. If you think YOUR life is worthless, what about other lives?

If you think you shouldn't save YOUR life, why not save others?

If you help people, just a little bit, you'll feel better about yourself, too. You'll begin to love yourself, you'll begin to feel happy that you are helping people. You can even do something small, such as writing a blog post, (like what I'm doing right now.) But I'm not writing this blog post to make myself feel better. I'm doing it for you.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, your life is worth it. It is worth more than this online game and this online person who said such terrible things to you. I know that whatever you are going through is hard, and that it is really painful for you. You can make it through it, I promise you. And then, once you've gone through whatever you've gone through, you'll feel proud.

You'll think, I made it. And then you'll know that you can survive life. Interesting concept, right? Life is truly a really messed up place. But it is also beautiful. Just look around you. Don't look at your computer screen. Look at this world. Look at the sky, the clouds, the animals. Sometimes I just look around and think, "This is amazing." It truly is! We, as humans, are co-existing with these creatures. We've developed our own language, our brains can comprehend things. We can communicate with each other.

And, most importantly, we can help each other.

And that is the main reason why you are here. To help. Whatever you do as your job, it's to help others. If you become a truck driver, you help transport things for other companies and people so that they can maintain their jobs. As a writer, you can help readers develop their vocabulary so that maybe they can become writers, too. As an artist, you can help others understand the beauties of art.

If you are thinking about cutting...

...Well, guess what I'm going to say?


The first thing that I don't understand about people who feel the need to cut or commit suicide is the fact that they never think about talking to their parents. If you committed suicide, how would your parents feel? None of us understand how much our parents love us. I don't yet, either (come on, stop staring at me like that, I'm not that old XD), but imagine this:

Imagine that you had a child, a soft, sweet baby, who you watched grow up. Imagine that you watched him get married, watched him have his own children. Imagine the things that he did that made you laugh when he was a child, or the way he drove you crazy because he would never stop ranting about the new Spiderman movie that came out.

Now, imagine that you found that your child had committed suicide because of what people had said to him. And imagine that he never even told you.

How would you feel?

If you feel the need to cut or commit suicide, please PLEASE PLEASE DON'T. Take a break from the computer. Find other hobbies, like drawing, reading, etc. Listen to some music. Take a walk.

And, most importantly, tell your parents.

You might be afraid that they'll ban you from your computer (OH NOEZ, I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THE COMPUTER FOR A DAY), and chances are, they will. But it's better to not have the computer for a day than for you to not have your life anymore. And your parents will respect you, too, for telling them.

Don't ever hide things from your parents.

I know, it's so easy to lie to them. Don't. Lies only get worse, and they never fully disappear. I mean, I could post videos on my YouTube channel if I really wanted to, but my parents urged me not to. And I don't. Lying to your parents is so hard to do anyway, if I ever feel the need to lie to my parents I just get this terrible feeling in my gut. I suck at lying, and the only thing that I lie about is the fact that "No, I haven't been on the computer that long," (when, in reality, I've been on it for an hour or two.) I'm 100% sure that my parents knew that I was lying, but they dropped the subject. :P

Your parents are the people who can help you the most. I am probably not the most reliable source, since I've never experienced extreme cyber-bullying before, but if you need advice, I'll be right here. :)

Stay strong. God loves you. And if you do not believe in God, someone loves you anyway. Whether it be your parents, friends, teachers. And if you still don't think anyone loves you, I do! I love you because you are reading this, and you have the will to stay alive.

That is why your life is priceless.


  1. I tried commiting suicide before >3< I just had enough of my life :( But now I know better, even if sometimes I cut :U OMG DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO AND DONT DO IT. I just feel the need to do it sometimes... Everything in my life stresses me. I can hardly think properly anymore...
    That's why I love Animal Jam.
    It's where I escape from reality, from school, from work, from stress, from cutting (even if there is quite a lot of drama on AJ).
    I won't commit suicide, I promise.
    But I just can get really emotional sometimes... I'm very emotional :U
    Sometimes I hate myself and my life.
    Sometimes I feel like I'm useless.
    But sometimes I'm happy.
    But I'm almost only happy at school (when I'm surrounded by my friends), when play the piano, when I listen to music, when I go somewhere exiting or when I draw.
    I just hate my life sometimes.
    I know there's much worse.
    I know I'm lucky to have everything I need.
    But I just feel lonely sometimes.
    Sorry if you thought I did this for attention.
    Haha, I guess I did.
    But I just wanted to say it somewhere.
    My friends don't understand me, my parents stress me, and my cat just sleeps x3


  2. I agree, life is very precious. I have never attempted to commit suicide, though there were those days that weren't very good. Sometimes I feel awful even though nothing happened, and I don't understand why... Animal lives are very, very precious too. Millions of animal lives are lost everyday to serve some omnivorous humans as food. The thought of them being slaughtered is unbearable >.< Yeah, parents are the ones that love us the most. They gave birth to us, raised us, and educated us. If they found out that their children commited suicide, they would feel really upset and heartbroken. Now, uhh, a very sudden switch in topic, to a very very different and unimportant topic:

    Comet, could you suggest words to describe a 'very shiny and beautiful building'? I'm out of ideas DX I'm very sorry for the sharp turn in topic. I just got the urge to ask you this question... Sorry again!

    ~Twinkle (I read over this comment many times and noticed how it constantly switches topic randomly)

    1. It's called the circle of life.


      Haha I also always change topics randomly :)

    2. Here are some words/sets of words that I suggest (you might have to add to a few of them, some are just opinions): breathtaking, magnificent, gleaming, coated with the sun's rays, glistening, as milky as a pearl, clear, noble...

      My brain is kind of dead right now, but those are some examples that might help get your brain juices flowing! c:

      And it's fine, your comment is great! (Are you vegetarian? Just curious.) I am not vegetarian, but I still thank each animal for what they have sacrificed for me. It makes me sad to think about how some animals are abused. Some are not, but some are. :c

    3. @Comet: Thanks for your suggestions :D Now I know what words to use in my story. Yeah, I'm vegan..

      @Mythy: Humans can eat greens and fruits instead of animals. Animals are here to be our friends, not food, it's sad for me to think that some omnivorous humans think of animals the wrong way, as food instead of friends. When I look at the butcher in the supermarket, I usually think like this:

      If I am a pig, and humans raise their axes at me, I would be horrified.

      I would >.<


  3. I'll tell you why I cut.
    I'm bullied almost everyday. I talk to so many people, and I know that they do care, but they just can't do much to help me.
    I get upset. I need someone to truly understand me. But nobody does. I need to let my anger and sorrow out. Cutting helps, since by hurting I let the anger out. I do this because I don't want to hurt others.
    My parents know I cut. But they think I stopped. I didn't. I cut myself up to five times per month at most (it's not much, I don't want to upset my friend... She's really concerned about me, but doesn't understand).
    But please, guys, DO NOT CUT. I know it's wrong, I know it's bad for me, I know it will affect a bunch of stuff, but it's the only way I feel strong and free.


    I said it.

    The reason why I cut. So you guys might understand why people cut, though I'm sure other people cut for other reasons.

    Please don't make a huge fuss out of this, you wouldn't be able to convince me anyways.

    And DON'T CUT.
    I'm just seriously upset and depressed... But I don't want you angels to harm yourselves :)


    1. Mythy, you are so sweet. And I am so sorry about what you have to go through. It's your choice of whether you cut or not, and I cannot control what you do. I only hope that all this bullying ends for you someday, and that eventually you can feel strong and free without the cutting. I hope that in the future you'll say that you USED to cut, instead of saying that you cut. :)

      I will always be here for you.

      And even if you cut, you are still an angel, amazing and strong. Please stay that way forever. <3

  4. This is beautiful...

    I agree- suicide is also sinful. It's taking away someone's life- yours. Your life was given preciously from the Father above. I'm not going to rant about some religious stuff- but think. How many parents grieved to learn their child/children couldn't survive to be brought out in the world? Every parent would SACRIFICE all they have to give another life on Earth. Ask. Ask a parent who lost their child due to sickness/accident.

    Life is precious. Even if you can't change the past, the future is still ahead. Change what you can NOW and the future will veer in a different direction from your past.

    Ask. Ask again for forgiveness to your parents if you had tried to suicide. I'm happy with my life. Even if I'm bullied or teased, there's still a point in life- whether you like it or not. In life, there is a moral to learn, to accept, to live.

  5. Hey everyone. Ethereal - PUL -EZEE GIRL 1-2 hours .. LOL i go on the computer for TWENTY FOUR hours :) XD JK more like 8 :D

    I feel like making a big confession here, 'kay?
    weeelll, lets get one thing straight - Ethereal, you are the kindest, sweetest, funniest, awesome person I've ever known! YOU are the nice one, not me, so stop saying that! :)

    I always think nasty thoughts about myself:
    that I will never be good enough, that I will never make it, that I don't have a purpose, and ask myself
    if I have those qualities like niceness everyone THINKS i have,

    I'm not nice. I judge people.. sometimes I think inappropriate thoughts. I don't think I even trust anyone anymore. I don't know why God put me on this earth. For one summer I wondered why he chose me of all people to bring on earth. ME - that girl who reads during lunch and during class, reads to make everything stop, blog to make others happy.. who feels so lonely yet is surrounded by friends, who constantly questions herself again and again . who cares what people think yet doesn't want to.. who throws on clothes and tries not to care, who watched 120 episodes of anime this summer without stopping (actually that last one is an accomplishment :3)

    But I know that I have to keep on living, somehow ...

    One thing is for sure.
    All of you who support me are dear, sweet, perfect angels - had to use angels ;) -, and you are special, so special. You make my world go round when it won't turn!
    Thank you.

    I will never kill myself, you got that right.

    (I force you instead of saying nice things)

    I blog because all of you are so special to me .. :)

    That's all for now. I'll confess more later :)
    My Best Wishes,
    a gamer

    1. there's still a point to living even if you don't feel like it is,
      I still have a purpose, and so do you,
      I'm lonely, but I don't hurt myself.
      Please, stay yourself - as sweet as honey with strawberries :)

    2. Finally someone who sorta understands me o-o
      Btw do u watch attack on titan o3o


    3. @Gamer_girl19799: Gamer, thank you. I don't really know what to say, but I think that those traits that you said about me describe you. c:

      (And I will never stop saying that you are the nice one, because it's true!)

      Yes, you do have a purpose here, and I'm glad that you know that. There is no need for you to wonder why God/any other higher power (I'm trying to be open-minded towards people with other beliefs) put you on this earth. You were definitely placed in this world for a reason.

      I understand why you feel like you are not a good person, but you ARE. We have our flaws, all of us. I'm judgmental, too, and sometimes on bad days I also 'act' nice to people. I think that one of the biggest challenges in life is recognizing our flaws but still accepting ourselves for who we are. :)

      Maybe the reason why you feel that you're just 'pretending' to be nice to others is because you do not fully love yourself yet.

      No matter how many times I shower you with compliments, I know that it wouldn't do anything to help your love for yourself. Unfortunately, that is a challenge that you will have to conquer on your own. It is very hard to be happy with yourself when you see so much you dislike, but try to look deep within you to see the good, too.

      Also, never lose contact with the good friends that you have. They will help you to love yourself, too. Yes, I am a friend, but unfortunately I can't give you a hug, (well, besides an internet hug), but if you know some friends in real life, I think they could really help your look on life. I would sometimes go down in the dumps for a day or two, but my friends always helped me back up. Their support really helped me, and I love them for it.

      Friends are one of the many treasures of life. They can also be one of the many things that are worth living for. <3

      Good luck,

    4. @Mythy - I was thinking of watching it. Do you watch Fairy Tail? :)

    5. Thank you, Ethereal :) you are so kind :) (and I will never stop showering you with compliments, either!)

    6. @Ethereal
      You should be a philosopher e3e

      My friend talks about FT alot, but I never really watched it >o< Studio Ghibli and SnK/AoT are the only anime I watch =P


    7. @Mythy: Maybe...though it's not in my general realm of work that I'm looking to do in the future. Who knows, though? I am interested in some things that overlap with philosophy. x3

  6. Ur words are inspiring me to be a bettar person ;0; it almost brought a tear in mer eye are u like a poet or something?! xD "if ur going through hell keep going " And the part that says oh noez le computer XD madre me laugh. -PS: I admire you And you is now on my ídol list CX

    1. Thank you so much, dear! You are too sweet. It's true, though. Life is pretty terrible, but we can get through it. :)

      People do tell me that I should be a philosopher when I grow up. Apparently. I think about a lot of important things that people at my age don't normally think about. Weird. XD

      Thank you for putting me on your idol list. You're on mine, now, too! c:


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