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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Non-memberness & Parties

Haillo my little comets! I am so sorry for not posting in forever, I had camp this week. It was a lot of fun. Anywhoozies, would you lookie here:
Yep, I'm non-member! It's actually surprisingly a little more fun. Being a member for so long kind of made me overwhelmed. Yes, members get lots of privileges, but being a non-member really helps bring out a creative side in you. I'm trying really hard to make my den look as nice as possible, and with non-member items, it can get a little tricky.

Even now I'm still working on designing my den. XD

If any of you guys have or know anyone who has blue rose garlands (the more faded blue, not the bright blue), please let me know! I'd be happy to offer for them. :)

Next up, look at this jammers:
This jammer, reedles, has a milky-colored tiara with a PURPLE GEM. (My friend told me his username, but I will not name her due to anonymous reasons.) Isn't that interesting? Who knew that someone could get a tiara like that? How did he get it?

Speaking of weird stuff and weird colors, look at this:
This jammer (who is also my friend) has odd colors of items! As you know, the lassos only come in dark brown, pink, and blue, but she has orange and purple. My guess is that these are like the glitched rings, they were originally colors but then later removed from the game. Odd, eh?

As for the elf shoes, the ones on the top right are the original ones, but the ones on the bottom left are a glitched color!

How are people getting this stuff? It's very interesting.

Also, the buddy jam-a-grams have changed:
(Big thanks to infinity670 for buddying my storage so that I figured this out!) XD

And, last but not least:
At Gamer_girl's blog, she gave special shout-outs to a few jammers. One of them was me, and she said the sweetest things and wrote the most heartwarming poem. Thank you, gamer. I will miss you and everybody else. c:

One more announcement:

Near the end of the year, I will host a smaller, good-bye party. It won't be with everyone, but just a lot of you guys who have supported my blog and close buddies. This party won't be a party for tears, but it will be a celebration! I will celebrate meeting you and getting to know you all...

...and you might get to hear me give a farewell speech, too, if you come to the party. (Yep, me and my failed speech skills.) Anyways, I'll elaborate on it more later. I just need to brainstorm a bit more.

And, one comment question of the day:
Should I write an autobiography about my Animal Jam life? (It will start from when I first arrived to when I met you guys during blogging, and to where I am now.)

Have a great rest of the day!
~Comet <3


  1. <3 to the last part. And yes, I do think you should make an autobiography. That's a great idea!

    Also, here's a quote that goes well with this situation (You leaving AJ soon):

    "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

    We shouldn't cry because your time in Jamaa is over, that basically our friendship with you has come to an end. We should smile because the friendship happened at all. Be glad we met you, for you are the most amazing, kindest, funniest person ever! :)

    Also, I was thinking. We (at least I) wouldn't want to lose connection with you. I'd want to still talk/type to each other. It would be nice if you still commented on our blogs. But also, how about you make a blog, about... your thoughts? Your ideas? You (without the personal info)? I think that would be great! And it wouldn't have to be AJ based, either. But I understand if you don't want to do that, for whatever reason. Just an idea ;)

    And I know your time hasn't come, yet. I will enjoy what little time we have with you.


    1. that kind of blog is a great idea! :) we would love if you did that, Ethereal. We wouldn't be as sad..

    2. It sounds like an amazing idea to write that story,

    3. Yes, I will make another blog that won't be completely Animal Jam related. It's going to be a writing blog. I've already created it, but it hasn't really been customized that much. (Yet!) It's called 'Reflecting with the Rain.' c:

    4. YAY YAY YAY
      uh... wow that made me happy =)
      now we don't have to leave you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      give us the link when you're done!! (ya, it's weird how I'm saying we - but you get what I mean)

  2. -Dies-

    No quitting aloud, Comet. :3

    Please don't quit ;0;

  3. A plushie comic blog I made:

    Hope ya like it!


  4. Yes! You should write it! I think it would be intresting to hear. ^.^

  5. I have an orange lasso O3O
    He might have gotten it from the Forgotten Desert, although I doubt it...
    I think some kind of Draw-Your-Life thing would be cool :P


    Please don't quit ;-;

    1. I don't want to, but it may be inevitable. I don't mean to keep mentioning it, but somehow I do. I won't talk about it in the next post! I'm still going to come online often this summer. :D

    2. @Ethereal - I know how you feel about something getting into the post without meaning too - somehow I always talk about nonmember unfairness ..

  6. I just noticed the NM name tag is WAY more transparent then before o3o


  7. The new buddy request jamagrams are BUDDYSOME. (Sorry, I just love messing up words to make a new random word XD) Sure, I think that making an Animal Jam Autobiography would be a great idea! I'll look forward to the creation of your Animal Jam Autobiography! I can't wait for the party, but we will all miss you if you quit D: It's your choice though, good friends come and go in life, though goodbyes are sad. And... ehm. I think I'll cut short this comment in case I would fill it up with words again. Buh bye! :D

    1. Awesome Jam-a-grams, lame pun. :I
      Buddysome.. really....

    2. Umm... -No Comment-

    3. Buddysome is awesome. (Hehe, now there are two lame puns on here!)

      Eh, there are hardly ever good puns in the world. Someone once said, "Why do pecans PICK-ON other nuts?" Haha! Don't feel bad, Twinkle. :)

  8. yes, make an aj biography/ blogging thingy. :)

    It is harder to make your den, but more fun, I agree.

    aww, it feels like you leaving is final, now.

    wait .. your time is an hour before mine.. so...
    hmm we need to think of a time

    anyway, see you.
    I'll miss you so much

  9. An autobiography would be a great idea. I just started reading this blog, but I seriously love it already. C:

    1. Aww, thank you so much! I love your blog as well. =^.^=

  10. =)
    I just noticed the good side to this while drama...
    There will be one person of less who supports pancakes >:O


  11. I finally met you :D
    good times ahead, Ethereal!

  12. Aww man! I'll really miss you Ethereal. Especially your love for pancakes and how nice and gentle you are. :(


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