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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Thomas Edison Plaque!

Hiya my little comets! Are you at least a little curious about the title? Good, because I'm going to make you wait until the end of the post to read about it. (Hehe, I am so evil, but then again, if you didn't want to bother with the rest of the post you could just scroll down and read the end.) 8D

Anywhoozies, look at what I got in the Daily Spin today!
The gifts that I got were mech angel wings and a neck wreath thing. Coolio! It's interesting that you can get prizes based on how many days you come on. Good job on luring jammers to come on every day, AJHQ! ;)

Moving forward, did you notice that the door to the Medical Center swings open?
Isn't that interesting? I swear, I never saw that before. Maybe Animal Jam incorporated a swinging door later. If you look closely at it, it looks sort of grainy. That's usually what happens when Animal Jam posts gifs. It takes on this sort of grainy quality. I wonder if the swinging door is some sort of animation gif that Animal Jam uses? :3
I was laughing really hard earlier with some of my friends; Lemo, Confection (aka Comfy/Misstess, she came back!), and a new jammer, Blossom Shylady, though I forgot her username. ^^;

We were talking about food, but then somehow, we touched on the topic of the Thomas Edison plaque! This is basically the gist of it: We think that it would be great if Animal Jam hosted IDEA contests. To put it simply, Animal Jam makes a post on DE about what things we'd like to see throughout Jamaa, and whoever posts an idea that AJHQ most likes wins a plaque with a lightbulb on it, or a Thomas Edison plaque!

It's kind of a combination of an accessory contest and the question mark things that you see throughout Jamaa, but instead, you can do any idea, like: new animals, new items, (I myself would suggest a chocolate fountain), or any activities/holidays that you think should be added to Jamaa!

And, of course, the coolest prize is that your idea would actually come to the game. =^.^=

But guess what? Comfy said that I won the first contest for coming up with the idea of an idea contest. (Though she helped, so we should both get Thomas Edison plaques.) XD

Have a wonderful day,


  1. NIKOLA TESLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thomas edison offered tesla fifty thousand dollars if he could do it and tesla did it. What did Edison say after that?

    "Tesla, you don't understand our American humor."

    Please excuse my rant, I just had to get my history-of-electricity side out of me! XD

  2. that's a cool idea. Personally, I think that if AJ added more things (besides new dens, animals, or lands) and lots of people would have great ideas.. well, AJ would be an even more greater site!

    Awesome!~I've always wanted to get some gifts from the Daily Spin! It's cool that they put more stuff on there, don't ya think?

    That's a lot of icecream :-D

  3. Wait... we can get edison plaques without even having to be smart?! ERMAGERD!

  4. Congratulations! The Thomas Edison plaque is a neat idea!

  5. Two sundae Snow Leopard plushies. TWO sundae Snow Leopard plushies. I've only got one so far XD And great idea about the Thomas Edison plaques c: CONGRATULATIONS FOR WINNING THE FIRST CONTEST! *Throws 20 Thomas Edison plaques in the air*

  6. Thomas Edison o3o?
    What has he got to do with this >3<
    But otherwise I think it's a pretty cool idea :)
    Personally I would love some dens that look like famous monuments (e.g. the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, etc.)


    Glad misstess is back ^_^

    1. Thomas Edison was the one who invented the lightbulb... (Well, he was the most FAMOUS inventor who created the lightbulb, I'm not sure if he was the first. My history is terrible).

      Agreed, monuments would be a cool addition to the game!

    2. I know who he was, it's just I don't see the link between him and an idea plaque... x3


    3. The plaque is an idea plaque, so the plaque has the image of a lightbulb on it (since a lightbulb would always pop up in cartoons if someone got an idea), and the lightbulb = Thomas Edison. :3

    4. Yep! Sorry for being unhelpful at first, until you said, "WHAT IS THE RELATIONSHIP, WEIRD PANCAKE GIRL." XD

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