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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Goodbye Rares!

Hiya my little comets! As you have heard, the new eagle adventure (The Forgotten Desert), hands out beta-big-rares as their prize! Awesome, right!? That means that there will be less scamming, hacking, etc., since now the status of 'rares' are gone. At least, sort of.

The only problem is the fact that people might potentially quit, or become less interested in the game because of the lack of 'rarity.' D:

First off, if you wear a spider mask and sleep as a fox, it looks weird...
I'm just a spider, nothing more! XD

Also, there are new den portals that link to your buddies' dens! Epic, eh?
I really like how you can personalize the portals! It's too bad that they're all for members. I hope AJHQ releases non-member den portals, but they most likely won't. Eurgh, why do non-members not get as many rights as they used to? I wish that they could be given another adventure to play. DX

Speaking of the adventure, here are some pictures of the 'Forgotten Desert:'
When my buddies and I did the adventure together, we got a cami's frog!
Aw, I love that frog, it's so cute and has such a sweet story behind its making. <3

Also, I have come to another conclusion! The adventure also gives out unreleased items. Look at this person and the bow they're wearing:
That bow is unrare and uncommon. There was only one in existence, and they were treated like the magenta bows before they came out. A special jammer would receive a bow, and it was super cool! I think the adventure is giving out these bows, too, because:
I found several people with these bows! Cool! So the unreleased items that people lied for are also being released. Those 'unreleased' items are safe, guys. I traded for a couple and they don't do anything to your account. AJHQ intended for these to be in the game. :3

Look at this unreleased item!
(I really would like this Mira statue, it's like the Animal Jam Soul and Star mascot! For some reason I can see it appearing in Epic Wonders in the future...)

What other items have you been seeing around Jamaa?

See you around,


  1. Replies
    1. XD good bye to rares but I guess new rares with new designs may come out O3O (or rare item monday shallz not exist)

    2. good riddance rares >:)
      No more scamming/hacking!! :) yay yay yay this was epic of AJHQ !!!

    3. too bad for non members I mean everyone wants betas right? so the members that have them are only going to trade them for epic betas which very few non members have. and the worst part is it is not the non members fault that they are non member just because their parents either said no or they don't have enough money either way is sucks

  2. I kinda like the new update :) The adventure looks sooooo AWESOME once I become member I'll sure try it :DDD
    Cami's Frog :O AWESOME (i don't care much about rares but this is so COOL!!!)
    The Mira statue looks awesome to be out and to be your blog's mascot O3O

    ~A hyper active rabbit named Windy :P~

  3. I see myself! xD

  4. My brother quitted once the diamond store came out as he saw trading as his favourite hobby. Once the diamond store came out with the rare member monthly gifts, my brother was so upset and disappointed that he quitted without a second thought. He kept being upset for days! I quitted once too after my brother did, but came back later. I miss watching my brother act silly in the township, he made me laugh till my stomach ached so much that I could almost fall onto the floor from my chair! Good news though, after seeing me come back, he is starting to come back! ^.^ Ooh I love the Mira Statue! I got a rare white beard from the eagle adventure yesterday! BTW, thanks for the small table that you sent me!

    1. DX Sorry for the long comment! Can't kick my habit.

    2. XD Typing long comments also happens to me all the time! Lol.

  5. I want that Mira Statue ;o;


  6. My buddy got an unreleased rainbow mustache. I got gazelles and rare spikes.

    1. Coolza! Rainbow mustache! Lol that would be so funny to see :))

  7. I really want all those cool items :)..
    But. can't. nm. :(
    I'm actually glad rares are leaving. I think that some people are just too obsessed about them.. and focus their whole AJ life on rares instead of having fun. :/
    The mira statue is like the AJS&S mascot! :) (and it should be!)

    1. and everyone is so happy that they get all these cool items! :) Plus you can possibly get them in other adventures.

      Anyone have a blue diamond elf helmet? (last RIM) - for trade?
      Contact gottalovetheocean on AJ!
      - and what would want for it?

    2. I do! Dunno what I want.

  8. Also, I've been seeing items like beards, floating horse coins, and sprinklers!

  9. I have a Frozen Mira statue! :) It is awesome! It is the same size Mira is in Jamaa Township during Jamaalidays! :D
    I also got a Open Sign! I really want to get red pigtails to go with my short collar. :)

  10. Oh, I love that Frozen Mira! It rocks ;-D! Even that Turquoise Bow and Arrow 0o0!


  11. I just found out the item is called "Ice Bird Statue".


    cry cry cry

  12. :D Yay Less scamming o3o Its about time AJHQ Did something that would actually work to stop it.... instead of banning the person for a few days. Eh.
    Omg the story of Cami's Frog makes me cry :o: XD I'm a big softie like that, well, not when i'm roleplaying though... e.e ....


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