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Sunday, May 4, 2014


Here is your Color Charity banner! Sorry it took a while. c:
I hope you like it! I love your idea and I will gladly support your cause.


  1. What a terrible banner. I hate it.
    Less then me though :3
    XD Just kidding again :P
    You're wonderful O3O


  2. Wowsers! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G work Ethereal! :)
    Live, Love, Laugh, EAT WAFFLES <3

  3. Omg omg omg
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What is that lovely font you use? :o

    1. I already know the second one, Cheri,
      But what is the first one? ^_^
      I mean, right above the Animal Jam Logo.

  5. Lovely! :D

    I want to say:

    Hey Jammers....I was just scammed. :( I wanted to post so you wouldn't have to ask me where my blue vines, bubblegum machine, River Race Game, and my Blue/silver mech was...Yeah, I am really depressed. Sorry, I probably sound sappy. I REALLY worked hard for my stuff! I wish they would bring all betas to store. That way scammers would get much when they scammed...I really really REALLY REALLY worked hard for my stuff. The best item I got was a mech and I played since 2012..I don't know why I am posting this..Bye guys. I might not be on AJ for a while. I want to distract myself from it. I have never been scammed like this before and I kinda got emotionally involved with AJ.

    I am really down.. :(

    1. Oh my, that's really sad. :c
      Hey, I can give you my blue vines and bubblegum machine. I don't really mind of my rares. : ) Those darn scammers better be ready for a beating they'll get from me. >.<

    2. Really?! Are you SURE?! Wow! Thanks SO MUCH! :D I am literally grinning like a idiot right now ^.^

    3. I have honestly never been so sure. And you're welcome. I try to cooperate to help you get your items back, and I think those 2 items are a head start. c:

  6. @All: Thank you guys so much for your kind comments! :)

  7. beautiful :) coolio! I see you doing more posts! :)


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