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Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Perilous Journey (Once Again)

Hello, Jammers! Hope things are going well for you. c:
I remodeled my den a bit so that I could fit in some of the newer items. I really love the owl statue! It's so cute! And it's holding a valentine. That's adorable. (I really have a soft spot for owls, so imagine my surprise when I found out that owls were released as a new animal! AHHH! So exciting).
Curly wigs are back. I really like curly wigs. I think I have a whole collection of them. When I first joined AJ, I still remember when I bought them and actually wore them on my fox. Ah, sentiment.

Moving on:
A while ago, Fauna Snowymoon was forced to go to the carnival...

And, today, she decided to visit it again.

(Everyone was giving her funny looks that day). Haha!

Well, I'd better wrap this up. Adios! 


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  3. no......... this is another animal jam blog that is dead, this is baad

  4. Visit one of the most popular Animal Jam Blogs: The Animal Jam Sky Blog! Go now:

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  5. Exactly a year ago... what a coincidence


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