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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving + A Visit!

I thought it'd be fun to visit Animal Jam this morning to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving and check out what's changed. It hasn't changed a lot, though the chatting system has gotten a little wonky since when I last logged on.
I got to see Nebula and a couple of other friends, too! It's too bad that a lot of my buddies weren't online, but I'm happy that so many people kept me as their buddy even if I haven't been online in so long. :)
This new den addition is quite a beautiful den! I love the jewels and the colors. It feels so...spring-like.
And then, the game started glitching out at me. I don't really know why I started appearing as my own buddy, but it was very odd. XD
Huh, I should've tried removing myself, or something. To test the whole glitch thing out. I'll try it again next time if it ever happens again!
And then I had some fun talking to Lemo, as well. :D

I'm really sorry for not visiting in so long. I'll be sure to stop by during Christmas, because it's such a joyous and beautiful holiday. I can't wait to stop by again, it was a lot of fun. And boy, it was a crazy wave of nostalgia, too.

On one last note: I really want to thank anyone who has been supporting Gamer_girl's blog and posting such kind and helpful comments on her posts. I don't understand why this anonymous commenter feels the need to insult her so much, but I'm very glad that a lot of people have been protecting and supporting her. Thank you all so very much for doing that. Thanks to you, the Kindness Movement still lives on. <3

And, if any of you need any help in the future, just know that I'll be right here. You can always email me if you need anything. :)

See you at Jamaalidays! (And Happy Thanksgiving!)


  1. The same buddy list glitch was happening to me too! Finally, I just removed myself. It worked! Lolz

  2. I'm so sorry I missed your visit! D: Oh well, maybe I'll see you in December. That buddy-glitch-thing is odd... What happens if you try to play a game with yourself?

  3. Aww... I missed your visit :( I was online about 1 or 2 hours after that, because I was doing something offline with my family; but Christmas is something that I could look forward to! I missed you in those 2 months :) Oh, and by the way, I was off on a 1-week vacation to a nearby country the week before the last for my Birthday. Hehe, yep, I'm a year older now ^.^

    Hmm, strange, the Buddy Glitch isn't happening to me... And yes, I love the Sky-Kingdom Mira too! It's beautiful, and I love all the colours. In fact, the gemstones on the Mira Statue's wings include all of my favourite colours. I have enough diamonds to buy a Sky Kingdom, but I'm still pondering on whether to do so. It's a little too big for my taste, but it's beautiful, and one of the best things about it is the slide! I've never seen such a long slide in a den before ^.^

    Now, there are two things that I can look forward to on Christmas Day (Or December): Your visit, and Santa's visit! Yes, I do believe in Santa, even though many of the other girls that I know of my age no longer do. I also believe in flying reindeer and the large red sled that they pull. Eek, I can't wait! :D

    I got to go offline right now, but I'll be sure to write more later (Even though there are already three long paragraphs in my comment... I'm sorry D: ).

    Love from Twinkle, who is as excited and restless as a raccoon is for a sunny new day <3

  4. I'll try to come on during christmas break! c: I love talking with you! :D (anywhere. Anywhere XD)
    Have a great Thanksgiving, and thank you for the support. It means a lot <33

  5. Glad to see you visited. Sorry I wasn't online. I'm looking forward for your Jamaalidays visit. ;)

  6. Haha, that buddy glitch is funny. XD I'm glad that you checked on us. Haha, us. The ones that don't want to grow up. Ok, I take that back. I kinda half-quitted AJ too awhile back... Anywho, hi Ethereal, and Happy Thanksgiving! (At the time I'm commenting this, it's more like Happy Holidays!)


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