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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Giraffes & Unfairness

Hello my little comets! As you have probably noticed, there's been a new update! Since I don't want to particularly rant too long about it (because I have tons of other stuff to talk about), I just took screenshots of the most interesting stuff:
And giraffes are back with a BANG! Yep, they are back!
Well...I guess I'm a dork. So I had to make a dorky giraffe. Duh. And obviously my giraffe is taller than my fountain, because that makes complete pixel-sense. (I have no idea what pixel-sense is. Is it some other form of reality that we have yet to discover? Eh, no.) XD

Next bit of information! Look at DIS:
What a cryptic message. It looks like a cheetah, but we already have one. It could be a leopard, but derp! We already have one. What could it be? A puma? (Looks up images). Nope, probably not. What do you think this means? ...Since I have no idea. :3
Lookie here! Apparently members can repost chats now, since we can't copy/paste. It's pretty neat!
It picks up the last phrase that you said and then allows you to click it to repeat it again. Interesting. I didn't know that Animal Jam would go about it that way,

There's one slight catch, though:
Non-members don't get it. AJHQ, what the jub!? You're taking away the rights of non-members by doing this! Even before that whole chat restriction you let all non-members copy and paste their chats. What if they're advertising a party at their den? Do they just have to type it all over and over again?

Veering off of that, non-members don't even get to send gifts anymore. Really? That should be a basic right. Giving a gift isn't bad, nor hurtful. It's kind and it lets the person know that you care about them! If you take away the right of a non-member to give a gift to a buddy or anyone, then...urgh! It's just so unfair.

The odd thing was, when I tried to send a gift to a buddy, this message showed up:
Um. 1.) I'm member. 2.) I'm not receiving a gift, I'm giving one. O.o

It's just so tiring to think about all of the rights that are being taken away from non-members.

At least this item is non-member.
But still, if non-member's rights are being taken away, no one is going to play the game, especially non-members. So there's no point in releasing non-member items if AJHQ is going to take all of non-members' rights. >.<

Several updates ago, there were more non-member rights, (free chat, sending gifts, etc.), but less non-member items. Now, there are more non-member items, but less non-member rights. I think rights are just as important. AJHQ, please! I know that you want to make a profit off of this game, but your profit is only going to decline if you do this. :(

Well, that's all the ranting for today. See you around!


  1. Yeah! Whenever I got to the Diamond Shop, I click on the purple question mark and rant about NM rights.

  2. I think that the reason AJHQ took away all those NM rights is because since the phantom armour is NM, they say, "Since this armour nm, we can make all these other things member!" Well, sorry, AJHQ, but not so much!

  3. Well, the gifting combats hacking.

    1. Yes, but the hacker could just trade if they felt the need to. Usually gifting is just a way to symbolize friendship. I understand if AJHQ wants to reduce hacking, but hacking is still inevitable either way. :(

    2. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now they will ban trading for non members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mira help us!!!!!!!!!

  4. I don't know what to comment about...

  5. what!? we can't even send gifts now?? or even get them for later??? :(

  6. but maybe AJ did this to decrease the chances of scamming? :)

  7. Aren't most hackers Members? If they wanted to reduce hacking, why make gifting a Member-only feature instead of keeping it how it was before? Plus, on the parent dashboard you can now enable trading and gifting rights. So if you want a less likely chance of being scammed, you can just turn off your trading and gifting settings on your account.

    Sometimes I just don't get AJHQ. :I

  8. for the we are coming maybe a serval? ocelot? lynx? dunno

  9. I agree Ethereal!

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I'm sorry Myth, I totally understand why you're angry, but I had to delete the comment because it contained a swear word. I hope you understand! ^^

    2. I knew it but I had to write it... Idk if you understand THIS XDD


      'Kay I'm kinda sorry but ehhhhhh...... Merpz

  11. Oh, Jesus Christ.
    AJHQ, what is WITH YOU?

  12. Animal Jam now stops you from sending gifts to non-members because they can't accept.
    Also, the jam-a-gram change is actually a BIG improvement! It has now taken out most of Fman122, because all his accounts are non-member, so they can't send the virus gift!
    It also helps Non-members not get scammed, because for those scams like 'send me good and best wins headdress' or something. AJ has made some big improvements in my opinion :D

    1. I see your logic, but it still doesn't stop members from getting scammed. Plus, non-members can't give gifts to any of their friends if they want to give a gift. There's no joy in that. Non-members could trade, I guess, but it's not like the person they're going to give the gift to will always be online when they are. I don't know, I feel like the update is faulty, but it's your opinion. c:

  13. I love the giraffes! The dance is so cool
    Sadly AJHQ needs the money so i understand why they are favoring members :( I do hope the new animal is for everyone :)

  14. I think I know why AJHQ made nm's unable to send gifts anymore - Because of Fman122. She/he sent viruses via gifts, and was/is a nm. Now nm's can't send gifts, fman can't send gifts, and fman unable to send gifts - No viruses. Either that or AJHQ wants people to buy memberships, which me and some of my friends have decided. AJHQ NMS ARE STILL JAMMERS OR HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THAT?! The most loyalest, kindest friends I have ever had on Aj have been nm's. Nm's in my eyes are the true jammers, not showing off like the members. I hate it how AJHQ treats nm's now, and now I (and probably loads of other jammers) have realized that AJHQ just cares about money now. THIS IS A GAME THAT WAS MADE FOR FUN, FOR FRIENDSHIP, EDUCATION, ORIGINALLY FOR 7 YEAR OLDS, IS NOW OVERRUN WITH HACKERS AND SCAMMERS, RUN BY PEOPLE THAT JUST CARE ABOUT MONEY. UGH. (Btw sorry 4 the caps T.T Just had to let it out how I feel about aj now) This unfairness with nm's HAS to stop AJHQ. Long comment.. tired... need food *Grabs waffle and calms down* Anyway... off to play the sims... if the laptop doesn't crash...

    1. About the Fman part...HE/SHE IS A HACKER, SO SHE/HE CAN DO ANYTHING! so this "non-members cant gift because of fman" is just plain stupid...please AJHQ this wont prevent a hacker

    2. About the Fman part...HE/SHE IS A HACKER, SO SHE/HE CAN DO ANYTHING! so this "non-members cant gift because of fman" is just plain stupid...please AJHQ this wont prevent a hacker


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